The Fiber Optic Distribution Frame (ODF) 72 Core Rack Mount Type is an essential component for managing and organizing fiber optic connections in network infrastructures. This high-capacity ODF is designed to efficiently distribute and protect fiber optic cables, making it ideal for various high-demand applications such as data centers, telecommunications, and enterprise networks.

Key Features 72 core Rack Mount

  1. High Capacity:
    • 72 Core Capacity: 72 core Rack Mount Accommodates up to 72 fiber optic cores, providing ample connectivity for large-scale network deployments.
    • Scalability: Allows for network expansion, supporting future growth without significant infrastructure changes.
  2. Rack Mount Design:
    • Standard 19-Inch Rack Mount: Fits into standard 19-inch racks, ensuring compatibility with common data center and telecommunications equipment.
    • 1U/2U Form Factor: Available in 1U or 2U configurations, offering flexibility based on space requirements and density needs.
  3. Durable Construction:
    • Robust Enclosure: Constructed from high-quality materials such as powder-coated steel or aluminum, providing durability and protection against physical damage and environmental factors.
    • Secure Mounting: Includes mounting brackets and accessories for secure and stable installation in rack systems.
  4. Efficient Cable Management:
    • Integrated Splice Trays: Features splice trays to organize and protect fiber splices, ensuring reliable and orderly fiber management.
    • Cable Routing Features: Designed with built-in cable management systems to route and secure cables, reducing clutter and improving accessibility.
  5. Connector Compatibility:
    • Versatile Adapter Panels: Compatible with various fiber optic connectors including SC, LC, ST, and FC, allowing for flexibility in connector types based on network requirements.
    • High Performance: Ensures low insertion loss and high return loss, maintaining optimal signal quality and network performance.
  6. Ease of Installation and Maintenance:
    • User-Friendly Design: Simplifies installation and maintenance with easy access to fiber connections and splice trays.
    • Accessibility: Front-access design allows for convenient and quick maintenance, reducing network downtime during repairs or upgrades.


  1. Data Centers:
    • High-Density Fiber Management: 72 core Rack Mount Ideal for managing high-density fiber optic connections, optimizing space, and improving network efficiency in data centers.
    • Server and Network Equipment Connections: Connects servers, switches, and other network equipment with high-speed fiber optic links.
  2. Telecommunications:
    • Carrier Networks: Supports large-scale telecommunications networks by providing organized and reliable fiber optic distribution.
    • Central Offices: Essential for central office environments where high-capacity and secure fiber management is critical.
  3. Enterprise Networks:
    • Backbone Infrastructure: Manages backbone fiber infrastructure, ensuring high-speed and reliable data transmission across enterprise networks.
    • Network Distribution: Provides organized distribution of fiber optic connections in corporate environments.
  4. Educational and Research Institutions:
    • Campus Networks: Suitable for campus-wide network infrastructures, supporting academic and research activities with robust fiber optic connectivity.
    • Research Facilities: Meets the high bandwidth and low latency requirements of research facilities involved in data-intensive projects.
  5. Broadcast and Media:
    • Media Transmission: Facilitates high-speed data transmission for broadcast and media networks, ensuring reliable content delivery.
    • Video and Audio Streaming: Supports the high bandwidth needs of video and audio streaming services.
  6. FTTH (Fiber to the Home):
    • Residential Fiber Networks: 72 core Rack Mount Ideal for FTTH deployments, providing high-speed internet access and connectivity to residential areas.
    • Multi-Dwelling Units: Suitable for managing fiber optic connections in multi-dwelling units (MDUs).

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