96 core single mode fiber optic cable splice closure

Fiber optic splice closures 96 core are widely apply for the connecting of optical cable. It Suitable for straight-through, diverging and connection of FTTH. FTTB all kinds of optical communication passive network.


Ageing resistance & ultraviolet radiation resistance
Advanced internal structure design
Easy and fast to fix fiber cable
Easy and fast to increase and reduce.
The closure is spacious enough for winding and storing fibers

96 core Closure Applications:

Used for direct transmission of outdoor cable in aerial,

duct and direct buried application
Used for branching connection and protect the joint

96 Core FTTH Usage:

The 96 core FTTH Best Waterproof Splice Closure serves as a pivotal component in fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) installations, providing reliable protection and management for fiber optic cables. Its usage extends across several key areas:

  1. Outdoor FTTH Deployments: In outdoor FTTH deployments, the waterproof splice closure serves as a critical junction point where incoming fiber optic cables are connected, spliced, and distributed to individual residences or buildings. It ensures the durability and integrity of fiber connections in varying weather conditions.
  2. Telecommunications Networks: Within telecommunications networks, the splice closure is deployed in aerial, underground, or direct-buried applications to facilitate efficient splicing and management of fiber optic cables. It helps maintain signal integrity and minimize signal loss, ensuring reliable communication services.
  3. Data Centers: In data center environments, where high-speed data transmission is crucial, the splice closure is used to organize and protect fiber optic connections between networking equipment, servers, and storage systems. It provides a secure and organized solution for managing large volumes of fiber cables.
  4. Industrial and Harsh Environments: Due to its waterproof and weatherproof design, the splice closure is ideal for deployment in industrial and harsh environments such as manufacturing facilities, power plants, and outdoor installations. It withstands exposure to moisture, dust, and temperature fluctuations, ensuring reliable performance in challenging conditions.
  5. Expansion and Upgrades: The splice closure supports expansion and upgrades of existing fiber optic networks by providing additional capacity for splicing and connecting new fiber cables. It enables network operators to scale their infrastructure to meet growing bandwidth demands efficiently.

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