FC/LC/ST/SC Fiber Optic Attenuator Fiber Optic Attenuator

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    SC/LC/ST/E2000 Male to Female Fixed Fiber Optic Attenuator 1dB,2dB,3dB,5dB,7dB,10dB,15dB,20dB

    Product Description 

    Fixed Female to male attenuators from Wolonte offer defined control of optical signals in both integrated and add-on products. 

    Depending on the project or need, fixed attenuators can limit (attenuate) the amount of light passing through to the exact levels your project or application requirement. These precise attenuation levels provide for highly accurate performance. 

    Wolonte fixed attenuators are used in applications where a pre-determined amount of light loss is specified. Though its applications range widely, fixed attenuators are most commonly used for test and measurement, optical sensors, and telecommunications applications.

    Optical Fiber OverviewEdit
    Optical fiber attenuator, as an optical passive device, is used for debugging optical power performance in optical communication systems,
    debugging calibration and calibration of optical fiber instruments, and optical fiber signal attenuation. The product is made of attenuating optical fiber
    doped with metal ions, which can adjust the optical power to the required level.
    Optical fiber communication system, optical fiber CATV, and high-power optical
    device measurement are used to attenuate the input optical power, avoiding the distortion of the optical receiver due to the super strong input
    optical power.

    categories edit
    The online optical attenuator is a precision device that can provide a certain amount of attenuation according to engineering needs. The
    product is used in various optical fiber transmission lines to attenuate a predetermined amount of light intensity. There are two types of this product:
    high return loss type FC SC ST plug and socket structure, high return loss type in-line optical cable structure. Application: Optical fiber communication
    network, optical fiber data network, optical fiber CATV network, optical fiber test system Features: high attenuation accuracy, low additional
    loss, good stability, adjustable optical fiber attenuator Uses: optical fiber communication system, optical fiber CATV, high-power optical devices



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