Fiber Optik Manufacturer SC APC / UPC AdapterPopular

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    Parameter    Unit                                                                     LC, SC, FC, ST
                                                                                   SM      MM
                          PC     UPC    APC      PC
    Insertion Loss (Typical)     dB                      ≤0.2    ≤0.2    ≤0.2     ≤0.2
    Return Loss     dB                      ≥45    ≥50    ≥60     ≥30
    Exchangeability     dB                     ≤0.2
    Repeatability     dB                     ≤0.2
    Durability   Time                   >1000
    Operating Temperature     °C                   -40~75
    Storage Temperature     °C                   -45~85




    1. High return loss, no need of additional cable

    2. Suitable for panel installation.  

    3. Removable structure




    1. Optical power-adjust

    2. Test equipment

    3. CATV,  Data communication network



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