Mini Node 1550 FTTH Overview:

The device is a home optical receiver with optical fiber Mini Node 1550 FTTH access as the final target. It is suitable for FTTH (fiber to the home) network optical fiber user access terminals to realize analog or digital signal input.

  1. High quality plastic shell.
  2. No power supply , no consumption.
  3. The minimum digital signal meets -10dBm reception, the minimum analog signal meets -7dBm reception.
  4. Output powe > 61dBuv (PIN=0dBm).
  5. SC/APC &SC/PC&FC/APC&FC/PC optical connector for optional, male or female RF connector.


  1. FTTH and CATV Compatibility: Designed to support Fiber to the Home (FTTH) and Cable Television (CATV) networks, providing versatile connectivity options for both residential and commercial applications.
  2. Mini Optical Receiver: Compact and lightweight design makes it easy to install in various settings, offering flexibility in deployment without sacrificing performance.
  3. Passive Mini Node: Functions as a passive optical node, receiving optical signals and converting them into electrical signals for downstream distribution, ensuring reliable transmission with minimal signal loss.
  4. 1550nm Wavelength: Operates at a 1550nm wavelength, ideal for long-distance transmission and providing enhanced signal quality over extended fiber optic networks.
  5. Broadband Support: Capable of supporting a wide range of broadband services, including high-speed internet, digital television, and voice over IP (VoIP), catering to diverse communication needs.
  6. High-Quality Reception: Delivers high-quality reception of optical signals, ensuring clear and stable audio and video output for an optimal viewing experience.
  7. Robust Construction: Constructed with durable materials to withstand environmental factors and ensure long-term reliability in various operating conditions.
  8. Easy Integration: Compatible with existing fiber optic infrastructure and equipment, facilitating seamless integration into existing network architectures for hassle-free deployment.

Product Specification – Mini Node 1550 FTTH

Technical parameters FTTH-OR1 FTTH-OR2
Wavelength 1200~1600nm&1550nm
Input optical power +2dBm~-7dBm(Analog) +2dBm~-10dBm(Digital)
Optical return loss >45dB
Optical connector SC/APC & SC/PC
Bandwidth 40~1006MHz
Flatness ±1.5dB@40~1006MHz
RF output reflection ≥16dB@40~550MHz; ≥14dB@550~1006MHz
Output level 61~62dBuV (0dBm) 60±1 (Pin=0dBm)
Output port 1
RF output impedance 75Ω
C/N(note 1) ≥51
CTB(note 1) ≥65
CSO(note 1) ≥62
Working temperature -25ºC ~+45ºC
Product size 63*23*15mm 50*16*14mm

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