OR20 FTTH Optical Receiver

The OR20 optical receiver is a home optical receiver with optical fiber access as its ultimate goal. It is suitable for FTTH (fiber to the home) network fiber subscriber access terminals, enabling analog or digital signals to enter the home and triple play network.

The OR20x-style FTTH optical receiver is designed as a home-based solution, tailored to meet the evolving needs of optical access development, particularly in Fiber to the Home (FTTH) networks. This receiver supports both analog and digital signals, making it compatible with ONUs or EOCs for triple-play services.

Cable TV Optical Mini Receiver

OR20 Cable TV Optical Mini Receiver is home-based 8v mini receiver catering to the ultimate goal of development of optical access and suitable for FTTH (fiber to the home) optical fiber network users access to the end. Analog or digital signal to home can be used together with the ONU or EOC achieving triple play.


It features a low optical power detector, GaAs, and optical control AGC technology, ensuring optimal performance for FTTH CATV reception. With various models offering different functionalities, users can choose based on their specific requirements, balancing performance and cost-effectiveness. For instance, the OR20J model prioritizes economic application, while the OR20A model offers an AGC range customizable to user preferences (optical input 0~-9dBm).

The output remains consistent, providing convenience for user testing. Additionally, the OR20 (WDM) variant includes a built-in WDM capable of transmitting 1550nm CATV signals and outputting CATV+EPON signals (1490/1310nm) as needed by users. On the other hand, the OR20 (ISO) model features an isolator that filters out signals other than 1550nm optical, ensuring focused reception.

OR20 Filter CATV optical FTTH

Key Features:

♦ Advanced aluminum house with good heat Dissipation

♦ Full-GaAs MMIC application with low noise. Digital signal is received -18dBm at lowest and analogy signal -9dBm at lowest.

♦ AGC control range: 0~-9dBm, output level keep unchanged.

♦ Low power consumption, high-efficiency switch power can make sure the high reliability and stability of power supply. Power consumption less than 2W. It adopts optical detecting circuit.

♦ Multi-stage anti-thunder devices (TVS transient suppression diode), strictly anti-thunder system to ensure the safe operation of the equipment

♦ Built-in WDM,single-fiber to the home (1490/1310/1550nm) triple-play application can be realized.

♦ Built-in isolator can split the two optical waves (1490nm and 1310nm)

♦ Output gain adjustable (0~18dB),output level >80dBuV.It can realize the power supply of 8V input port feeding.

♦ One output or two outputs.

Specification of



Parameter Specification
Wavelength 1100~1600&1550nm
Input optical power (analog signal) -9~0dBm
Input optical power (digital signal) 0~18dBm
AGC control range -9~0dBm
Normal output level 80dBuV per-channel
RF Frequency range 45~862&1006MHz
Output port 1 & 2 port
Applications FTTP, FTTH, FTTN





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