Rack Mount Product Description:

The Rack Mount panel can be changed into different port, such as SC, LC, FC, 12port, 24port , 48port ,96 port and 144 port .

Product structure:

Cable terminal box is composed of a casing, internal components, optical fiber joint protector is composed of 3 parts.


  1. High-Density Design:
    • 1U Rack Mount: Occupies only 1U of rack space, providing a high-density solution that maximizes space efficiency in data centers and network environments.
    • 96 Core Capacity: Supports up to 96 fiber cores, making it suitable for high-capacity fiber optic networks.
  2. Port Configuration:
    • 24 Ports: Equipped with 24 OM3 LC connectors, each supporting 4 fiber cores through MPO (Multi-Fiber Push-On) technology.
    • OM3 Fiber Compatibility: Designed for OM3 multimode fiber, which supports high data rates and extended reach in data communication.
  3. Connector Type:
    • LC to MPO: Utilizes LC connectors to MPO adapters, providing a seamless and efficient method for connecting high-density fiber optic cables.
    • Low Insertion Loss: Ensures minimal signal loss, maintaining high performance and reliability in data transmission.
  4. Durable Construction:
    • Robust Enclosure: Made from high-quality materials, the patch panel is built to withstand the rigors of data center environments.
    • Secure Mounting: Includes mounting brackets and accessories for secure installation in standard 19-inch racks.
  5. Efficient Cable Management:
    • Cable Routing Features: Integrated cable management features help organize and secure fiber optic cables, reducing clutter and improving accessibility.
    • Ease of Maintenance: Design allows for easy access to connectors and cables, facilitating quick maintenance and reducing downtime.
  6. Compatibility:
    • MPO/MTP Compatibility: Compatible with standard MPO and MTP fiber optic connectors, enhancing versatility in various network setups.
    • Standards Compliance: Meets industry standards for fiber optic components, ensuring compatibility and performance.

Applications of Rack Mount

  1. Data Centers:
    • High-Density Environments: Ideal for data centers requiring high-density fiber optic solutions to maximize space and improve network efficiency.
    • Server and Storage Connections: Connects servers, storage systems, and network switches with high-speed fiber optic links.
  2. Enterprise Networks:
    • Centralized Network Hubs: Suitable for use in centralized network hubs where multiple fiber optic connections need to be managed and organized.
    • Backbone Infrastructure: Supports enterprise backbone infrastructure with high-capacity and high-speed fiber optic links.
  3. Telecommunications:
    • Carrier Networks: Used in telecommunications networks to manage and distribute large volumes of data over fiber optic cables.
    • Central Offices: Deployed in central office environments to support high-density fiber optic connections for telecommunications services.
  4. Broadcast and Media:
    • Media Transmission: Facilitates high-speed data transmission for broadcast and media networks, ensuring reliable and high-quality content delivery.
    • Video and Audio Streaming: Supports the high bandwidth requirements of video and audio streaming services.
  5. Educational and Research Institutions:
    • Campus Networks: Ideal for campus network infrastructures requiring robust and high-capacity fiber optic connections.
    • Research Facilities: Supports the high data throughput needs of research facilities involved in data-intensive projects.
  6. FTTH (Fiber to the Home):
    • Residential Fiber Networks: Supports the deployment of FTTH networks, providing high-speed internet access to residential customers.
  7. Multi-Dwelling Units: Suitable for multi-dwelling units (MDUs) requiring centralized fiber optic management and distribution.

Product Details:

Data centers, pre-terminated installations
 Telecommunication networks
Storage area networking fiber channel
 High density architectures
Rack Mount
Rack Mount


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