WL-S1 Splicer Fusion Introduction

The WL-S1 Splicer 4 Motor Tumtec Fusion Splicer is a sophisticated piece of equipment designed for high-precision fiber optic splicing. Utilizes four high-precision motors to ensure accurate alignment of fiber optic cables, which enhances the splicing quality and minimizes splice loss. The four-motor system allows for precise control over the positioning of the fibers, catering to both single-mode and multimode fibers.

WL-S1 Splicer Fusion Features

  • V-groove cladding alignment, high quality and low splicing loss;
  • Auto splice mode manifest user-friendly design;
  • Dust-proof, water-proof, high temperature resistance, adapting to various altitude and formidable nature conditions;
  • 5.0″ high resolution LCD touch screen with 500X magnification, visible clearly with bare eyes;
  • Packed with detachable 5200mAh battery, more than 250 times of splicing and heating;
  • High power LED light simplifies night work;
  • None-mirror design reduce maintenance work;
  • Detachable multi-function fixture, suitable for various fiber type


  • Splicing Type: SM, MM, DS, NZDS
  • Compatible fiber/cable: 0.25-3.0mm/Indoor cable
  • Cleaved length: Coating diameter: 0.125-1mm/cleave length: 8-16mm
  • Splicing mode: Preset 41 splicing modes, storable 100 modes
  • Typical splice loss: 0.01-0.05dB
  • Return loss: ≥60dB
  • Splicing time: SM fast mode 6s

WL-S1 Splicer Fusion Standard Accessories

  • Fusion splicer WL-S1*1
  • Fiber cleaver*1
  • Power Adapter*1
  • AC Power line*1
  • Back-up electrode*1
  • Cooling tray*1
  • Carrying case*1
  • Carrying strap*1
  • User manual*1
  • Splicing test report*1
  • Miller stripper*1
  • Drop cable stripper*1
  • Alcohol bottle*1

WL-S1 Splicer Fusion Specifications

Model WL-S1
Applicable fiber SM (ITU-T G. 652&G. 657), MM (ITU-T G. 651),
DS (ITU-T G. 653), NZDS (ITU-T G. 655)
Compatible fiber/cable 0.25-3.0mm/Indoor cable
Cleaved length Coating diameter: 0.125-1mm/cleave length: 8-16mm
Splicing mode Preset 41 splicing modes, storable 100 modes
Typical splice loss 0.01-0.05dB
Return loss ≥60dB
Lighting Three powerful white LED and illuminated keypads
Splicing time SM fast mode 6s
Estimated splice loss Yes
Protection sleeve length 20-60mm
Heating tank Preset 5 kinds of heating tube: 20/30/40/50/60mm
Heating time Typical heating time: 30s, optional 10-900s
Results storage 1000 records
Tension test 1.5-2.0N
Display 90° bi-directional view, 5.0″high resolution display with touch screen
Fiber view & Magnification X, Y, XY, X/Y: 500X Magnification
Power Supply AC input 100-240V, DC input 12-15V
Battery capacity 5200nAh Battery capacity
Heating times Typical above 250 times(splicing+heating)
Operating methods Button/Touch screen
Automatic calibration Automatic ARC calibration by air pressure and temperature
Electrode life 3000 ARCS, can be extended by using an electrode grinder
Terminal USD 2.0/Phone Jack
Alignment Cladding
Weight 2204G(include battery)
Dimension 130W*160L*145Hmm(including rubber bumper)
Operating condition Operating altitude 0-5000m above sea level, 0-95% relative humidity,
temperature – 10~50ºC, max wind 15m/s.
Storage condition 0-95% relative humidity, -40-80ºC; battery storage: 20-30ºC


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