The XFP/SSX3T2XA HSC 1550nm 80km XFP optical transceiver is a cutting-edge solution for long-range optical communications.

This high-performance XFP module is designed to operate at a wavelength of 1550nm, enabling efficient data transmission over distances of up to 80km.

Fabry-Perot (FP) XFP/SSX3T2XA Laser Technology

The transceiver incorporates Fabry-Perot (FP) laser technology, ensuring stable and reliable performance across a wide temperature range.

With its Small Form-Factor (XFP) design, the module offers seamless integration into various networking equipment, supporting high-speed data rates and robust signal integrity.

Ideal for Demanding Networks XFP/SSX3T2XA

The FP/SSX3T2XA HSC XFP transceiver is ideal for demanding applications in metropolitan and wide-area networks, providing enhanced bandwidth capacity and secure data transmission.

Unparalleled Performance

Whether deployed in telecommunications, data centers, or enterprise networks, this optical transceiver delivers unparalleled performance and facilitates smooth and dependable long-distance communication.


Client-side pluggable optical module specifications (10 Gbit/s Multirate-80 km-XFP)

Parameter Value
Optical Module Type 10 Gbit/s Multirate-80 km-XFP
Line code format NRZ
Optical source type SLM
Target transmission distance(km) 80
Transmitter parameter  
Operating wavelength range(nm) 1530 to 1565
Maximum mean launched power(dBm) 4
Minimum mean launched power(dBm) 0
Minimum extinction ratio(dB) 9
Minimum side mode suppression ratio(dB) 30
Eye pattern mask G.691-compliant
Receiver parameter 
Receiver type APD
Operating wavelength range(nm) 1270 to 1600
Receiver sensitivity (multirate)a(dBm) -24
Receiver sensitivity(10GE LAN(dBm) -24
Minimum receiver overload(10GE LAN)(dBm) -7
Minimum receiver overload(STM-64)a(dBm) -7
Maximum reflectance(dB) -27


Huawei Optical Transceiver XFP/SSX3T2XA

The Huawei Optical Transceiver SSX3T2XA is an XFP module operating at 1550nm with a data rate ranging from 9.95Gb/s to 11.1Gb/s.

It features a power range of 0~4dBm and sensitivity of -24dBm.

Designed for single-mode fiber connections with LC connectors, this transceiver offers a transmission range of up to 80km. It comes factory new with original packaging, ensuring reliability and performance.

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