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Frequently Asked Questions

Due to shifts in market demand and supply, prices are not always fixed. Please click “Quote” to submit an RFQ, our account manager will reach out to you within 30 mins.  

Step 1: Confirm the product specification & Price & Delivery Time

Step 2: We will issue the Proforma Invoice 

Step 3: Payment Made 

Step 4: Arrange the Shipment Delivery

– Paying with Wire Transfer

As the most common business transfer, you can process wire transfer at any of your local bank or online bank. Usually, we will have your payment received in 2 to 3 business days.

All fee (payer & payee) generated by the bank wire transfer should be borne by client. Otherwise the fee shall be deducted from the payment we receive. Once payment made, please send bank slip to your account manager. We will start preparing your order. 

-Paying with PayPal or Credit Card

As most common personal payment method, it is preferred by most personal buyer.

Please note there will be a 5.6% of total order amount charged as commission fee.

-Paying with Western Union

You have the option of paying at any participating Western Union location. The Western Union charge that applies to is based on the total amount of your transaction.

All fee (payer & payee) generated by Western Union cooperative bank should be paid by client. Otherwise, the fee will be deducted from the payment we receive

Quality is our top priority, each equipment will be strictly tested before delivery, the test report will be packed inside equipment and shipped together. The test entries include system software version, service board series number, service board status, and even optical module status.

-EXW Mainland CHINA –Free of charge for EXW Mainland China, we can handover to your forwarder, or your assigned address in Mainland China.
Please note:
1. China’s export declaration should be handled by buyer or buyer’s forwarder.
2. Taking into account the simplification of the procedures for the handover of goods and the acceleration of the export process, we still recommend our cargo agents.
-CNF to your Country
Please note: 
1. International shipping by express like DHL /FedEx /UPS /TNT, DHL is by default; by Aircargo; or by Sea.
2. Airway Cargo have 45kg minimum weight limit. If cargo weight is less than 45kg, it will be priced at 45kg; if your cargo weight is far below 45kg, DHL is highly recommended.

Generally, the shipping method shall be selected by customer, and your choice will be fully respected. To make your order more clear and transparent, all fees will be calculated and displayed on your shipping information. Please note any extra charges, such as purchaser’s carrier or special handing, destination port charges, must be paid by consignee. The freight cost depends on the dimension or the weight of items, as well as the shipping way you choose.

If you choose aircargo, then you should have your own agency for import customs clearance, or you are capable of handling it by yourself. You need to collect your cargo at the airport; and if there are no airport at your city, you should be responsible for the inland transportation from airport to your location.

If you choose to ship by sea, please make sure that you are aware of the arrival time of the goods and that it will not affect your use. At the same time, our sales team will provide you with a detailed quotation for the shipping price.

All products provided by Fortuneport Electronics Ltd are vender original new products, not been used. Generally all products come with standard vender like 2 year warranty. Before delivery to you, all products need pass our 3 Level warranty procedure.

1-Level Inspection

All new arrival items will pass our engineer’s inspection first at which stage some appearance defect items will be selected out and removed. 

2-Level In-stock test

Next step is to power on to test each board in our TESTbed where engineer will check if board functional, SFP original, SFP TX power are at correct range.

3-Level 24 hour pre-delivery test

Before delivery, chassis and boards will be power on again with a 24-hour uninterrupted test procedure. At this stage, besides the basic functional test, engineer will add software compatibility test and system integration test, to make sure all delivered products can work smoothly.

Remarks: This warranty does not apply to any failure of the equipment as a result of abuse, accident, man force damage, nature force majeure, lack of proper maintenance, environmental factors, improper installation or configuration, electrical issues such as lightning, power surges or incorrect electrical voltages, or improper modifictions.

Within the warranty period, if malfunction occurred, we will carry out different return handing according to different issues analyzed by our engineer team through remote support.

We offer OEM/ODM service for all the products. Please get in touch to get more information