Overview: 24 Core Enclosure Distribution

The PON Technology 24 Core Enclosure outdoor fiber optic splice enclosure waterproof splitter distribution box with SC/APC connectors is designed to provide a robust, high-performance solution for fiber optic network distribution and management. This advanced enclosure is tailored for outdoor applications, ensuring reliable performance under various environmental conditions. Here’s a detailed overview of its features and benefits:

Key Features

  1. High Capacity
    •  24-Core Options: Available in configurations supporting 24 fiber connections, catering to different network size requirements.
    • Splitter Integration: Includes space for optical splitters, enhancing its capability for distributing fiber optic signals efficiently.
  2. Durable and Weatherproof Design
    • Waterproof Construction: 24 Core Enclosure splitter distribution box Engineered to withstand harsh weather conditions, ensuring protection against water, dust, and other environmental factors.
    • UV-Resistant Material: Made from high-quality UV-resistant materials to prevent degradation from prolonged sun exposure.
  3. Enhanced Fiber Management
    • Splice Trays: Equipped with splice trays that provide organized and secure management of fiber splices, reducing the risk of damage.
    • Cable Management: Features robust cable management systems to keep fibers organized and prevent tangling.
  4. Ease of Installation and Maintenance
    • User-Friendly Design: Simplified installation process with easy-access panels and pre-terminated connectors.
    • Removable Cover: Removable cover for easy access during installation and maintenance.
  5. Secure Connections
    • SC/APC Connectors: Utilizes SC/APC connectors known for their low insertion loss and high return loss, ensuring high-quality signal transmission.
    • Lockable Enclosure: Lockable design to prevent unauthorized access and ensure security of fiber connections.
  6. Versatile Applications
    • Outdoor Compatibility: Ideal for outdoor installations in various environments such as telecommunications, data centers, and FTTH (Fiber to the Home) networks.
    • Multiple Mounting Options: Can be pole-mounted, wall-mounted, or installed in other configurations to suit different installation needs.


  1. Reliable Performance
    • 24 Core Enclosure Ensures consistent, high-quality signal transmission with minimal loss, even in challenging outdoor conditions.
  2. Long-Term Durability
    • Reduces maintenance costs and frequency of repairs due to its robust and weatherproof construction.
  3. Scalability
    • Offers scalable solutions for growing network demands with 16-core and 24-core options.
  4. Improved Network Management
    • Facilitates organized fiber management, reducing the risk of signal disruption and simplifying troubleshooting processes.
  5. Enhanced Security
    • Protects fiber connections from physical damage and unauthorized access, maintaining network integrity and security.


  1. splitter distribution box Integrated with flap-up splice cassette and 24 pcs adaptor plate.
  2. IP68 with nice sealing.
  3. Pole mounting or wall mounting are optional.
  4. 2 pcs of 1*8 Splitter can be installed as an option.
  5. middle 2 inlet port for un-cut cable diameter from 10−17.5mm.
  6. 2 other output cable port for cable diameter from 8-17.5mm.
  7. 16 small outlet cable ports for cable diameter less than 4mm.

Installation instruction procedures:

  • 1)Strip the cable.
  • 2)Open the closure.
  • 3)Install the un-cut cable.
  • 4)Protect the un-cut cable.
  • 5)Introduce the cut cable into the splice tray.
  • 6)Splice and store fibers.
  • 7)Fixing cables. 8)Close and seal the closure.
  • 9)Install the fiber closure.


Product name 24 core Fiber Optic
Distribution Enclosure
Protection grade IP68
 Operating Temperature  -40℃~60℃ Product Size 410*240*130 mm
Installation type  wall-mount or pole mount Port 4 inlet port / 16 ftth drop cable port
Max capacity 24F/tray, max capacity 96F(4 trays) and 1pc of 1:16 Plc splitter Net weight 4.6kg
Material Strengthen Polymer Plastic Color Black



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