The Dome Closure 48 Core and 96 Core Fiber Optic Joint Splice Box Closure is a critical component in fiber optic networks, designed to protect and manage fiber splices in outdoor and harsh environments. This closure ensures the integrity and performance of fiber optic connections, making it essential for telecommunications providers, data centers, and large-scale network installations.

Dome Closure 48 Core and 96 Core Key Features

  1. Core Capacity:
    • Available in configurations that support either 48 or 96 fiber optic cores, catering to different network sizes and requirements.
    • Provides flexibility for various installation needs, from medium to larger-scale deployments.
  2. Dome Design:
    • Features a dome-shaped structure that offers superior protection against environmental factors such as water, dust, and extreme temperatures.
    • The design ensures robust sealing and mechanical strength, maintaining the integrity of fiber splices.
  3. Sealing and Protection:
    • Utilizes high-quality sealing materials and mechanisms, such as heat-shrink sleeves and O-rings, to ensure a watertight and airtight closure.
    • Protects fiber splices from moisture, dust, and other contaminants, ensuring long-term reliability and performance.
  4. Cable Management:
    • Equipped with splice trays and cable management systems that organize and secure fiber splices and cables.
    • Ensures proper bend radius and fiber routing, minimizing signal loss and maintaining optimal performance.
  5. Ease of Installation and Maintenance:
    • Designed for easy installation with straightforward assembly and secure locking mechanisms.
    • Allows for easy access to fiber splices and cables for maintenance and reconfiguration without compromising the seal.
  6. Versatility:
    • Compatible with a wide range of fiber optic cables, including single-mode and multi-mode fibers.
    • Suitable for various splicing methods, including fusion and mechanical splicing.
  7. Durability:
    • Constructed from high-quality, UV-resistant materials that withstand harsh environmental conditions and mechanical impacts.
    • Ensures long-term durability and reliability in outdoor installations.


  • Telecommunications Networks: Dome Closure 48 Core and 96 Core Ideal for use in outdoor environments such as underground vaults, aerial installations, and direct-buried applications in telecom networks.
  • Data Centers: Suitable for connecting and protecting fiber splices in data center interconnects and campus networks.
  • Enterprise Networks: Supports large enterprise networks requiring robust and reliable fiber optic splicing solutions.
  • Utility and Municipal Networks: Effective for utility networks and municipal fiber deployments needing secure and durable splice closures.


  • High Capacity and Flexibility: Supports significant fiber counts, providing scalability for growing network demands.
  • Enhanced Protection: Ensures fiber splices are protected from environmental hazards, maintaining network integrity and performance.
  • Reliable Performance: Minimizes signal loss and maintains high-quality connections through efficient cable management and robust sealing.
  • Long-Term Durability: Designed to withstand harsh conditions, ensuring a long service life and reducing maintenance costs.
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance: Simplifies the process of installing and maintaining fiber optic splices, saving time and labor.

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