Huawei MA5675 Description

The Huawei MA5675 FTTO product is an indoor optical network unit (ONU) developed by Huawei for small office and home office (SOHO) and small and medium enterprise. Huawei MA5675  provide four GE, four POTS and Wi-Fi interface support all kinds of broadband service such as high speed internet (HSI), voice over IP (VOIP) and WLAN. The product hardware and software support Telecom level security. It can be placed on a worktable or installed against a wall depending on various deployment scenarios. It has the features as strong environment adaptability, easy installation and easy maintenance.


MA5675 is deployed at the GPON user access layer. It serves as a network terminal to connect SOHO subscribers to the Internet using an optical cable, and provides four 10/100/1000M Base-T Ethernet
ports on the user side for connecting to a PC, set top box (STB), and video phone. It also provides four POTS ports for connecting to a phone, fax machine, and POS machine. In addition, the MA5675 provides a Wi-Fi port for reliable high-speed wireless Internet services.

•Small and flexible: Uplink supports one GPON port; Down link support 4GE+4POTS+Wifi;
• Support Class C+ optical module, max coverage to 30Km and max splitter ration to 1:128.
• Support Cat5 cable and LAN port diagnose function, quickly find and recovery fault point, make maintenance more easily.
• Support Y.1731 Ethernet link monitor function, quickly diagnose and report fault, make sure the network stability.
• High reliability: passive cooling, Anti-condensation design, 6KV lighting proof capability.
• Wide working temperature range from -40°Cto 55°C, meeting extreme weather conditions.
• Unified NMS manage: provide Plug-and-play (PnP) service provisioning: remote configuration; remote upgrade and patch installation, remote fault location.





Complies with ITU G.984 standards
32 GEM ports


Complies with IEEE 802.3ab standards
Support single and multi mode, support full duplex and self-adoption mode




8 VLANs per port, supporting QinQ and stacking VLAN
1K MAC addresses
802.1p, supporting PQ and WRR flow control, and ACL
support PPPOE, DHCP, static IP in WAN


IGMP proxy
IGMP V2&V3 snooping


Support SIP and H.248
Support T.38 FAX protocol


Support 802.11 b/g/n
Support 2×2 MIMO, enhanced antenna (build in or out)




Virtual server and port trigger;DMZ and DDNS
Support DHCP server
VPN transparent (gateway), support L2TP/IPSEC


Support traffic classification based on VLAN, 802.1p, and VLAN+802.1p
Support 8 priority queues per user port



Static MAC address binding
Anti-MAC and anti-IP spoofing; source MAC address and IP address filtering
Anti-DOS attack, firewall and subscriber isolation


Maintenance and 

Support Y.1731
Support OMCI and TR069
Remote and batch pre-deployment
Remote upgrade and monitoring


Dimensions (W*D*H) 260*180*30 mm
Network-side port One GPON port, SC/UPC
User-side port 4GE+4POTS+WIFI
Operating temperature -40°C to +55°C
Humidity 5% to 95% (non-condensing)
Heat dissipation mode Passive cooling without fan
Lighting proof 6KV
EMC standards Class B
Power supply AC: 220v/110v; battery backup: 12V DC
Power consumption 14W

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