ODF 288 Overview:

The ODF 288 is used as terminal equipment of fiber optic cable for optical fiber wiring, fixation, fusion and patching.

Fiber Distribution Panel is a modularized design with sliding trays inside and cold-rolled steel box, coated anti-corrosive paint. It could be pre-installed with various kinds of fiber optic adapters and pigtails, provide cross-connect and interconnect between incoming fiber optic cables and fiber optic equipment. It is with standard 19-inch size and properly designed to control the bend radius of the cable inside the enclosure to avoid extra optical loss, this frame is ideal for indoor fiber optic cables connection storage, distribution, and management.


– Humanization: Products are of humanized management and operation, and detail-orientation.
– Specialization: Technical professionals and production/testing equipment ensure excellent product performance.
– Standardization: We strictly follow industry standard and actively participate in the modification of industry specifications.
– Innovation: For 12 fibers Splice and Distribution Integrated Trays and outdoor cross-connect cabinet, we improve our products according to customers needs.
– Modular design: 12/24 fibers Splice and Distribution Integrated Trays are adopted for easy installation and maintenance. All components are in the form of modules to achieve flexible configuration. Components of different models are interchangeable, which shortens delivery time, reduces costs, and simplifies installation and maintenance.

ODF 288




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