The OM3 Duplex LC/UPC simplex adapter fiber optic adapter is a critical component in fiber optic networks, facilitating the connection between LC/UPC connectors. Designed specifically for multi-mode applications, it ensures efficient and reliable data transmission over short to medium distances.


  1. LC/UPC Compatibility: OM3 Duplex LC/UPC Specifically designed to accommodate LC connectors with Ultra Physical Contact (UPC) polish, ensuring low insertion loss and high return loss.
  2. Multi-mode Fiber Support: Optimized for multi-mode fiber optic cables, enabling efficient data transmission over short to medium distances.
  3. Simplex Configuration: Features a simplex design, allowing for the connection of one LC connector at a time, simplifying network configurations.
  4. High-Quality Construction: Constructed from premium materials to ensure durability and reliability in demanding networking environments, reducing the risk of signal degradation or connection failure.
  5. Easy Installation: Plug-and-play design facilitates quick and hassle-free installation, minimizing downtime during network setup or maintenance.
  6. Compact Size: Compact form factor conserves space within networking equipment and installations, ideal for deployments with limited space availability.
  7. Industry Compliance: OM3  Multi-mode LC/UPC Meets industry standards for performance and reliability, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of networking equipment and components.


  1. Data Centers: OM3 Duplex LC/UPC Essential for connecting LC/UPC connectors in data center environments, supporting high-speed data transmission between networking equipment and servers.
  2. Telecommunications Networks: Used in telecommunications networks for connecting fiber optic cables in central offices, exchanges, and distribution points, facilitating reliable communication services.
  3. Enterprise Networks: Integral component in enterprise networks for connecting network switches, routers, and other networking devices, enabling efficient data exchange within organizations.
  4. Industrial Networks: Suitable for industrial applications requiring robust and reliable fiber optic connectivity, such as manufacturing facilities, utilities, and transportation networks.
  5. Educational Institutions: Used in educational institutions for building high-speed campus networks, supporting the connectivity needs of students, faculty, and staff across various departments and facilities.
  6. Healthcare Facilities: Deployed in healthcare facilities to ensure reliable transmission of medical data, supporting electronic health records (EHRs), medical imaging systems, and telemedicine applications.
  7. Broadcasting and Multimedia: OM3 Multi-mode LC/UPC Utilized in broadcasting and multimedia applications for transmitting high-definition video, audio, and data signals over fiber optic networks, ensuring high-quality content delivery.
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