SC APC Fiber Optic Overview

The Single Mode SC APC Fiber Optic Hot Melt Fast Installation Connector Splice-On is a state-of-the-art solution designed to facilitate quick, reliable, and efficient fiber optic splicing. This connector is particularly suitable for applications requiring minimal signal loss and high performance, such as telecommunications, data centers, and fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) networks. Below are the key features and benefits of this innovative connector:

Key Features

  1. Connector Type:
    • SC (Subscriber Connector): Known for its push-pull locking mechanism, ensuring secure and stable connections.
    • APC (Angled Physical Contact): Features an angled end face that reduces back reflections and enhances signal quality.
  2. Fiber Type:
    • Single Mode: Optimized for long-distance transmission with high bandwidth capabilities.
  3. Performance:
    • Low Insertion Loss: Typically less than 0.2 dB, ensuring minimal signal loss during transmission.
    • High Return Loss: Greater than 60 dB, reducing reflections and improving overall network performance.
  4. Hot Melt Technology:
    • Pre-Loaded Adhesive: The connector is pre-loaded with a heat-activated adhesive, simplifying the splicing process and ensuring a secure bond.
    • No Polishing Required: Eliminates the need for field polishing, reducing installation time and complexity.
  5. Design and Construction:
    • Durable Materials: Constructed with high-quality materials that provide long-lasting performance and environmental resilience.
    • Precision Alignment: Features a high precision ceramic ferrule for accurate fiber alignment and stable connections.
  6. Ease of Installation:
    • Fast Installation: SC APC Fiber Optic Hot melt technology enables quick and easy field splicing, significantly reducing installation time.
    • User-Friendly: Designed for easy handling, suitable for technicians with varying levels of expertise.
    • Field Installable: No need for extensive training or specialized tools, making it ideal for on-site installations.
  7. Compatibility:
    • Standards Compliance: Complies with international standards such as IEC, TIA/EIA, ensuring compatibility with existing network components.
    • Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of applications including telecom networks, data centers, and FTTH installations.
  8. Environmental Resilience:
    • Operating Temperature: Performs reliably across a wide temperature range, suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations.
    • Robust Build: Resistant to environmental factors such as moisture, dust, and mechanical stress.


  • Efficiency: SC APC Fiber Optic Significantly reduces splicing time with its hot melt technology, facilitating rapid network deployment and maintenance.
  • Performance: Ensures high-quality signal transmission with low insertion loss and high return loss, enhancing overall network reliability and performance.
  • Cost-Effective: Minimizes the need for specialized splicing equipment and extensive training, lowering overall installation and maintenance costs.
  • Reliability: Built with durable materials to ensure long-term performance and stability in various environmental conditions.
  • Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of applications, making it a flexible solution for diverse network requirements.

The Single Mode SC APC Fiber Optic Hot Melt Fast Installation Connector Splice-On is an essential tool for network technicians and engineers seeking to optimize their fiber optic connections with minimal effort and maximum performance. Its combination of ease of use, superior performance, and robust design makes it an excellent choice for high-demand network installations and maintenance.


Sc Apc Hot Melt Fast Connector


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