The ZTE GPON ONT ZXHN F609 is a high-performance device that brings ultra-fast internet connectivity to your home or office. With GPON technology, it delivers lightning-fast speeds and seamless data transmission over fiber optic networks. Equipped with Gigabit Ethernet ports, it ensures reliable and high-speed wired connections to multiple devices. The ZXHN F609 also supports Wi-Fi connectivity, enabling convenient wireless access for smartphones, tablets, and other wireless devices. With its robust security features, such as firewall protection, it safeguards your network from potential threats. Easy to install and manage, the ZXHN F609 offers a user-friendly interface for effortless setup and configuration. Experience a new level of connectivity with the ZTE GPON ONT ZXHN F609.

Product Features:

1. GPON Technology: The ZXHN F609 utilizes GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network) technology, enabling high-bandwidth transmission and efficient data delivery over fiber optic networks.

2. High-Speed Internet Connectivity: With GPON technology, the ZXHN F609 provides high-speed internet access, allowing for fast and seamless browsing, streaming, and downloading.

3. Gigabit Ethernet Ports: The device is equipped with multiple Gigabit Ethernet ports, enabling fast and stable wired connections to various devices, such as computers, gaming consoles, and smart TVs.

4. Wi-Fi Connectivity: The ZXHN F609 supports Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing wireless devices to connect and access the internet without the need for additional cables.

5. Voice over IP (VoIP) Support: The device supports VoIP technology, enabling voice communication over the internet, providing cost-effective and reliable phone services.

6. IPTV Support: The ZXHN F609 is designed to support IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) services, allowing users to enjoy high-quality TV content over their internet connection.

7. Robust Security Features: The device offers robust security features, including firewall protection and encryption, to ensure the security and privacy of your network and data.

8. Easy Installation and Management: The ZXHN F609 is designed for easy installation and management, allowing users to set up and configure the device quickly, as well as monitor and control their network settings effortlessly.

Product Description:

Technical items
Fiber port
1 GPON interface, 4GE+1POT+1USB+WIFI,SC single-mode,
Downstream rate 2.5Gbps, Upstream rate 1.25Gbps
Tx 1310nm, Rx 1490nm
Fiber interface
RX sensitivity
<-27dBm (1490nm)
IEEE802.11b/g/n,2*2 MIMO, 2.4G WIFI,external antenna(5dBi)
1*10/100/1000Mbps adaptive Ethernet ports, full/half duplex, RJ45 interface
ONT Detection and Isolation of Active/Passive Hooligans
L2 forwarding capability
Forwarding packets of any length at wire speed
IPv4 L3 forwarding capability
2Gbit/s with any length packets in downstream direction
1Gbit/s with any length packets in upstream direction
IPv6 L3 forwarding capability
2Gbit/s with any length packets in downstream direction
1Gbit/s with any length packets in upstream direction
Configuration method
NMS, Web, or TR069
Voice protocol
SIP, H.248
DC power
Adapter input: 100-240 V AC, 50 – 60 Hz ;
Adapter output: 11 – 14 V DC, 1 A
Reset, power
Working temperature: -0-+40ºC
working humidity:5-95%(non-condensation)
Net weight


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