10GBASE-BX40-U SFP+ Transceiver Module

The SFP+ transceiver from FS supports up to 40km transmission over OS2 single-mode fiber (SMF) using an LC simplex connector. This 10G BiDi SFP+ transceiver enables data transmission over a single strand of fiber, with one transceiver transmitting at a 1270nm wavelength and receiving at a 1330nm wavelength, while the other transceiver operates in reverse.

Key Features:

  • Single-Strand Fiber Transmission: Provides cost-effective connectivity by utilizing only one strand of fiber.
  • Digital Diagnostics (DOM) Support: Allows real-time monitoring of operating parameters via the I2C interface specified by SFF-8472.
  • Individually Tested Compatibility: Each transceiver module is rigorously tested for compatibility with switches, routers, servers, NICs, and other network equipment.
  • Low Power Consumption, High Speed: Ideal for enterprise wiring closets, service provider transport applications, Radio & Baseband Units, etc.
  • Commercial Temperature Range: Operates reliably within temperatures ranging from 0 to 70°C (32 to 158°F).
  • Protocols: SFP+ MSA Compliant, CPRI, eCPRI


  • Part Number: SFP-10G-BX40
  • Vendor Name: FS
  • Form Factor: SFP+
  • Max Data Rate: 10Gbps
  • Wavelength: 1270nm-TX/1330nm-RX
  • Max Cable Distance: 40km
  • Connector: Simplex LC
  • Optical Components: DFB BiDi
  • Media: SMF
  • DOM Support: Yes
  • TX Power: 1~5dBm
  • Receiver Sensitivity: <-15dBm

Attenuator Recommendation:

When using the long reach transceiver for short-distance transmission, it’s recommended to match it with an appropriate attenuator according to the following guidelines:

  • Distance ≤ 5km: Attenuator of 7dB
  • Distance ≤ 10km: Attenuator of 5dB
  • Distance ≤ 15km: Attenuator of 3dB

The SFP+ transceiver from FS offers reliable performance and seamless compatibility, making it an ideal choice for various networking applications requiring long-distance connectivity.

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