12 core optic fiber Overview:

12 core Fiber optic bundle cable pigtail has connectors at one end, and a break out fiber bundle at the other end.  All the fiber break out are connected to other fiber optic cable fibers cores by fusion splicing. Fiber bundle pigtails are often found in fiber optic terminal boxes, used to connect fiber optic cable to terminal equipment.

The 12 core fiber bundle pigtail consists of tight buffer fibers that meets full chromatic specifications, wrapped with an aramid yarn fiber reinforcement, and then wrapped with a PVC outer jacket with certain flame retardant properties. It is widely used for dense connections between transmission lines and terminal equipment.


  • High-performance single-mode fiber core, easy to splicing
  • Small optical loss, faster and more stable data transmission
  • Low insertion loss, high insertion and removal times
  • One-piece process, high toughness long wire end, anti-bending
  • Reducing weakening, no breakage


  • 12 core cable connection
  • OM3 fiber optic cable
  • Smoothly upgrade 10G network to 40G, 100G network, support 100G transmission latency requirement
  • Adopts mini round type cable, small diameter, with smaller trunk cable and smaller bending radius, easy for storage and cable install
  • Use dustproof, compressive strength, tensile strength protective sleeve at both ends, can effectively protect cables and fiber optic connectors in the transportation and installation process from damage
    Specification Description
    Fiber Count 12
    Fiber Type Single-mode or multimode
    Color Coding Color-coded for easy identification and termination
    Cable Type Patch cord
    Cable Length Various lengths available, typically measured in meters or feet
    Jacket Material Ruggedized jacket for protection against environmental factors such as moisture and abrasion
    Connector Type LC, SC, ST, or other types for termination at each end of the cable
    Compatibility Compatible with standard fiber optic equipment
    Application Telecommunications, data centers, enterprise networks
    Features High bandwidth, scalability, easy connectivity for multiple fiber optic connections

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12 core optic fiber patch cord beakout cable


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