The Simplex Single mode 48 Core Rack Mount Type Optical Distribution Frame (ODF) with FC Adapter is a high-capacity fiber optic management solution designed for efficient and organized distribution of fiber optic connections. This ODF is ideal for network environments requiring secure and reliable fiber optic connectivity, providing a compact and user-friendly interface for managing single mode fiber cables.

Key Features of 48 Core Rack Mount

  1. High Capacity:
    • 48 Core Capacity: Supports up to 48 single mode fiber cores, making it suitable for medium to large network installations.
    • Simplex Configuration: Each fiber core is managed individually, providing straightforward and reliable connectivity.
  2. Connector Type:
    • FC Adapters: Equipped with FC (Ferrule Connector) adapters, known for their high precision and secure connection, ensuring low insertion loss and high performance.
  3. Durable Construction:
    • Rack Mount Design: Designed for 19-inch rack installations, the ODF provides a standardized and space-efficient solution for data centers and telecommunications rooms.
    • Robust Enclosure: Made from high-quality, durable materials to protect against physical damage and environmental factors, ensuring long-term reliability.
  4. Efficient Fiber Management:
    • Integrated Splice Tray: Includes splice trays for organizing and protecting fiber splices, reducing the risk of damage and signal loss.
    • Cable Management Features: Built-in cable routing and management features help organize cables, minimizing clutter and enhancing accessibility.
  5. Ease of Installation and Maintenance:
    • User-Friendly Design: Simplifies installation and maintenance with easy access to adapters and splice trays.
    • Secured Connections: Ensures secure and stable connections with robust mounting brackets and accessories.
  6. Compatibility:
    • Single mode Fiber: Optimized for single mode fiber applications, which are essential for long-distance and high-bandwidth data transmission.
    • Standards Compliance: Adheres to industry standards for optical performance and reliability, ensuring compatibility with other network components.


  1. Telecommunications:
    • Central Offices: Ideal for central office environments where secure and high-capacity fiber optic management is crucial.
    • Carrier Networks: Supports large-scale carrier networks requiring reliable and organized fiber optic distribution.
  2. Data Centers:
    • High-Density Fiber Management: Suitable for data centers that need to manage high-density fiber connections in a compact and efficient manner.
    • Server Connections: Facilitates connections between servers, storage systems, and network switches with high-performance single mode fiber.
  3. Enterprise Networks:
    • Backbone Infrastructure: Used in enterprise networks to manage backbone fiber infrastructure, ensuring high-speed data transmission.
    • Network Distribution: 48 Core Rack Mount Provides organized and scalable fiber distribution for corporate networks.
  4. Educational and Research Institutions:
    • Campus Networks: Supports campus-wide fiber optic networks, providing reliable connectivity for academic and research purposes.
    • Research Facilities: Meets the high bandwidth and low latency requirements of research facilities.
  5. Broadcast and Media:
    • High-Speed Data Transmission: Ensures high-quality and reliable transmission of video, audio, and data for broadcast and media applications.
    • Content Delivery Networks: Supports the infrastructure needed for content delivery networks (CDNs) requiring robust fiber optic connections.

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