96 core single mode fiber optic cable splice closure

 Fiber optic 96 Core splice closures are widely apply for the connecting of optical cable. It Suitable for straight-through, diverging and connection of FTTH. FTTB all kinds of optical communication passive network.


  • Ageing resistance & ultraviolet radiation resistance
  • Advanced internal structure design
  • Easy and fast to fix fiber cable
  • Easy and fast to increase and reduce.
  • The closure is spacious enough for winding and storing fibers

96 Core Applications:

  1. Used for direct transmission of outdoor cable in aerial,
  2. duct and direct buried application
  3. Used for branching connection and protect the joint

96 Core Closure Specifications:

Environmental Temperature
 Air Pressure
Tensile Strength
 Insulation Resistance
Voltage Resistance
 under 15KV DC and 1 min, no puncture


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