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 APC Metering Rack

Power Distribution Unit

APC Metering Rack Power Distribution Units (PDUs) offer active metering for energy optimization and circuit protection. Featuring (30) C13 and (12) C19 output and input connections with a cable length of 1.83m.

Active Metering for Energy Optimization and Circuit Protection

APC Metering Rack Power Distribution Units (PDUs) offer active metering capabilities to optimize energy usage and ensure circuit protection.

Comprehensive Monitoring Capabilities

Featuring (30) C13 and (12) C19 output and input connections with a cable length of 1.83m, these PDUs provide comprehensive monitoring capabilities.

User-Defined Alarm Thresholds

User-defined alarm thresholds enable real-time local and remote alerts, effectively mitigating risks associated with potential circuit overloads.

Empowering Data Center Managers

Metered Rack PDUs furnish power utilization data, empowering Data Center Managers to optimize load balancing and right-size IT environments, thus reducing total cost of ownership.

Robust Functionality APC Metering Rack

Equipped with real power monitoring, a temperature/humidity sensor port, locking IEC receptacles, and ultra-low profile circuit breakers, these PDUs offer robust functionality.

Secure Access and Configuration

Access and configuration of APC Metering Rack PDUs are facilitated through secure Web, SNMP, or Telnet Interfaces, complemented by APC Centralized Management platforms like Central, Operations, Capacity, and Energy Efficiency.


  • Network: APC Metering Rack Wireless LAN connectivity for seamless networking.
  • Scope of Application: Designed for a carrying capacity of 22000VA, suitable for various high-power applications.
  • Weight: Weighs 9KG, ensuring portability and ease of handling.
  • Firmware: English firmware ensures easy configuration and management.
  • Rated Input Voltage: Compatible with a rated input voltage of 400V, ensuring stable operation within specified parameters.
  • Input Frequency: Supports input frequencies of 50/60Hz, catering to different power grid standards.
  • Maximum Input Current: Capable of handling a maximum input current of 32A, ensuring efficient power distribution.
  • Incoming Wire Specifications: Compatible with IEC 309 32A 3P+N+E incoming wire specifications, ensuring compatibility with standard electrical setups.
  • Power Line Length: Comes with a power line length of 1.83 meters, providing flexibility in installation and placement.

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