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Guangdong, China
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original but without brand LOGO
Communication power supply
Warranty Time:
new one for 1 year
AC Input 1:
DC Output 1:
-53.5V MAX 30A
AC Input 2:
DC Output 2:
-53.5V MAX 15A
similar product:
ETP48100, ETp4830
apply for:
support OLT OF MA5800 series MA5600 series
Provide power for BBU and 2 RRUs by converting 220V AC to -48V DC.
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Chinese original
original Factory packaging

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60X50X12 cm
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9.000 kg
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Brand New GPON OLT power supply ESP30-4815AF -48V Power Converter power Rectifier for OLT MA5800 MA5600T MA5616

Product Description
The default selling price is 15A, if you need 30A or other products, please contact our online sales manager

EPS30-4815AF power system is an AC/DC embedded power system that provides -48Vdc DC power supply voltage output.


1. EPS30-4815AF system configuration

Support hot-swappable rectifier modules (PSU) 1-2; the normal working range of rectifier modules is wide to 90-290Vac. The system configuration monitoring module (PMU) has the functions of battery management and power system monitoring. Appropriate sensors can be configured to realize environmental monitoring and provide multiple sets of backup monitoring quantities. It can provide RS232 and RS422 communication interfaces to facilitate remote monitoring and unattended operation. .


2. Working principle of EPS30-4815AF

EPS30-4815AF power supply system is powered by a mains power supply. The AC power supply passes through the AC socket and then undergoes EMI filtering processing, and then enters the rectifier module. The DC output of the rectifier module is summarized by the power distribution unit and divided into two branches to supply power to the load. The two branches are respectively FU-1 (10A), FU-2 (20A) fuse is controlled to provide users with overload and short circuit protection for each load. The user’s battery is connected to the DC output side of the power system through the battery fuse FU-BT (20A) and the electrical contactor KM1. The battery fuse provides overload and short circuit protection to the battery.

Under normal conditions of the EPS30-4815AF system, various parameters of the rectifier module and power distribution unit are controlled by the monitoring module, and work according to its predetermined parameters or user commands. If there is a mains failure, the system will be powered by the battery at this time. As the battery discharges, the battery terminal voltage begins to drop. When the battery voltage drops to 45V (this is the default value and can be set in the background), the monitoring module reports DC under Voltage alarm signal; when the battery voltage drops to the battery protection voltage point (43V (this is the default value, which can be set in the background)), the monitoring module controls the contactor KM1 to act, cuts off the connection between the power system and the battery, and protects the battery from over-discharge , The power system will stop working at this time. When the external mains power is restored, the system will return to normal working status at the same time (the above monitoring data is the system default value, and the user can reset it).

In addition to battery discharge protection for EPS30-4815AF, the system is also designed with a battery over-temperature protection function: if the battery temperature exceeds the protection point for 30 seconds, the monitoring module unconditionally controls the battery to be powered off until the battery temperature is below the recovery point and an alarm is issued. The battery over-temperature protection function is allowed by default. The battery over-temperature protection point setting range is 40~70℃ (the default is 53℃), and the recovery point is fixedly designed to be 5℃ lower than the protection point.

In addition, the power system can also collect and report the status of various sensors (temperature, humidity, door sensor, water immersion, smoke, etc.) and standby detection quantities through an external signal transfer box.


Three, EPS30-4815AF function

The EPS30-4815AF power system realizes the conversion of one AC input to two DC outputs, realizes the DC power distribution function, and supports the connection of a battery, and the battery is managed through the monitoring module.

The EPS30-4815AF power system can also collect and report the status of various sensors and standby detection quantities through an external sensor transfer box.


Fourth, EPS30-4815AF component names

Rectifier module GERM4815T 1 to 2 (optional)

Monitoring module EPMU03 1

AC and DC power distribution subrack 1


Five, EPS30-4815AF input characteristics:

Rated input voltage: 220V AC (90V AC ~ 290V AC)

(Note: when 90V AC ~ 176V AC, the system linear derating current limit output)

Maximum input current: 10A

Frequency: 50Hz (45Hz ~ 65Hz)


Six, EPS30-4815AF embedded power output characteristics:

Output voltage range 42-58 (typical value 53.5) Vdc

Maximum output current 30A

Maximum output power 1600 W

Stabilization accuracy ≤±1%

Output ripple and noise ≤200 mVp-p

Current unbalance degree ≤±5% 50~100%

Efficiency ≥81%

System Model Basic characteristics Basic configuration Preferred grades and application products Certification
EPS30-4815AF Input voltage range 90~290Vac Monitoring module 1pcs Preferred application products: wireless, access, optical network such as:SPM Backup power system UL
Output voltage range 42~58Vdc, rated 53.5V, adjustable through monitoring Power module 2pcs TUV
Maximum system capacity 30A AC power distribution Input 1 way (L, N, PE), standard AC three-pin socket input CE
Single module output current 15A (lower than 150Vac input,

derating 50% output)

Power supply system Single phase / dual live wire power supply
Operating temperature -33℃~+65℃, of which 50℃~65℃ linear derating 20% for use DC power distribution use H2440 type4 PIN Socket output, a total of three channels, pluggable. Load output:2Load output, with fuse protection, the capacities are:load110A,load220A, The load fuse is a panel-mounted type and can be maintained online. Does not have the power-off function under low load voltage, only has the power-off function under low battery voltage 1Battery input: fuse protection, capacity20A, Battery fuse panel mounting type, online maintenance
Dimensions 19inch(W)×



External communication method RS485 communication, RJ45 interface, wireless, access network universal master-slave node protocol
Battery management With perfect battery management function
Inlet method Power cord monitoring lines are maintained beforehand
Air duct design Front and rear air duct

15A version, 30A version


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