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SC APC Connectors Fiber optic High Quality Fast connector

  • Replacement fiber optic cable for ATT Fiber modem/router, Verizon Fios. This Optical Fiber cable suitable for all networks, CATV, FTTH, FTTB and FTTP systems, it is commonly used for Verizon Fios, Google Fiber and more FTTH in-home Fiber optic network optimizations and extensions. Most customers use our SC/APC to SC/APC cables for in house ONT (Optical network Terminal) relocation. They use this fiber patch cable to re-route their Fiber Optic Networks or extend their fiber internet cable.
  • Stronger Fiber Optic Cable with Armored: Stop struggling with patch fiber cable been chewed by your pet. This fiber jumper cable built-in a stainless steel tube inside to protect the inner core(fiber glass) from damage like pet chew. Also use protective LSZH outer jacket to strengthen the structure of cable. It retains all the features of a standard patch cord, but is much stronger. Pressure resist and Wear resist.
  • White Fiber Optic Internet Cable specially designed for needs of white application of home Fiber Optic Installers. White fiber patch cables can match your white equipment and white trim. We designed this white patch cables to meet customers need of décor colors. We are a professional manufacturer and accept customized orders. If necessary, please contact us for customized Cable to meet your needs.
  • Package includes one Free Coupler – You get a SC-APC Fiber Optic Adapter for easy extension
  • Product details: Connector SCAPC/SCAPC Mode: 9/125μm. Wavelength: 1310nm to 1550nm. Jacket Material: Low-Smoke, Zero Halogen (LSZH) Armoured jacket. Jacket Color: White. OD: 3.0mm. RoHS Compliant, Resistant to Electrical Interference.

SC APC Connectors Fiber Optic fast

  1. Price-Competitive60mm 55mm 53mm 50mm Singlemode SC APC Connectors fast installation connector
  2. Low Insertion Loss
  3. Factory-terminated and Tested
  4. Fiber Options: G.652
  5. Connector Options: FC/SC/LC/ST
  6. Polishing Options: PC/UPC/APC


  1. Access Network
  2. Telecom/CATV Systems
  3. FTTX


Connector Type SC to SC
Polish Type APC to APC
Fiber Mode OS2 9/125μm
Fiber Count Simplex
Fiber Grade G.657.A2 (Compatible with G.652.D)
Cable Diameter 3.0mm
Cable Jacket LSZH
Jacket Color White
Fiber Cords Structure Single Armored, Stainless Steel Tube
Tensile Load 120/225N (Long/Short Term)
Insertion Loss ≤0.15dB
Return Loss ≥55dB
Min. Bend Radius (Fiber Core) 7.5mm
Min. Bend Radius (Fiber Cable) 10/5D (Dynamic/Static)
Operating Temperature -25~70°C
Storage Temperature -25~70°C

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