DVP-740 OEM core to core splicer toolkit Overview:

The DVP-740 optical fiber fusion splicer is a compact, portable, and user-friendly mini fiber splicing device. It features an advanced image-forming system and high-precision image processing technology for fiber alignment, ensuring high efficiency and low loss in splicing operations. Here are its key features and specifications:

DVP-740 OEM Features:

  • Compact & Lightweight: Easy to carry and handle.
  • Versatile Application: Suitable for fibers, cables, and SOC (splice-on connector).
  • Integrated Holder Design: Simplifies operation.
  • Durable: Shockproof and drop-resistant construction.
  • Power-saving Function: Enhances battery life.
  • Display: 4.3-inch color LCD monitor.
  • Operation Modes: Fully automatic, semi-automatic, and manual.
  • Connectivity: USB & DC interface.
  • Battery Life: Supports up to 120 continuous splices and heating cycles.


  • Applicable Fibers: SM, MM, DS, NZ-DS (G655), EDF, bending loss insensitive fiber (G657), pigtail, drop cable, and connector.
  • Fiber Cleaved Length: 8-22mm.
  • Average Splice Loss:
    • SM: 0.02dB
    • MM: 0.01dB
    • DS: 0.04dB
    • NZDS: 0.04dB
  • Return Loss: 60dB.
  • Tension Test: 2.0N (200gf).
  • Protection Sleeve Length: 20mm, 40mm, 60mm.
  • Splice Programs: 5 preset programs, 75 manual setting groups.
  • Languages Supported: French, English, Spanish, German, Russian, Korean, Portuguese, Turkish, Polish, Indonesian.
  • Environmental Conditions:
    • Operating Temperature: -25 to +50°C
    • Humidity: 0-95% RH
    • Altitude: 0-5000m
  • Alignment: Core alignment using PAS technology.
  • Storage Conditions:
    • Temperature: -40 to +80°C
    • Humidity: 0-95% RH
  • Power Supply:
    • AC Adapter: 85-260V input voltage
    • Internal Battery: 12V, 6Ah, supporting up to 120 continuous splices and heating cycles.
  • Dimensions/Weight: 142(D)×122(W)×138(H)mm / 1.95kg.

Usage and Market:

  • Widely used in telecommunications (China Telecom, China Unicom, Mobile CATV), power, railway, petrochemical, military, coal, science and research institutions.
  • Sold in international markets including Korea, Malaysia, India, Finland, UK, Germany, Australia, France, and Canada.
  • Popular in broadcasting and television networks.

Company Profile:

  • DVP: A professional hi-tech enterprise with ISO9001 certification.
  • Specialization: Design, manufacture, and sale of optical and electrical equipment and test instruments.
  • Engineering Expertise: Team with extensive development and testing experience.
  • Product Recognition: CE, ROHS, and Russian national system approvals.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Praised for technology, reliability, size, weight, and ease of use.

The DVP-740 fusion splicer, with its high-tech features and robust design, is ideal for professionals needing reliable and efficient fiber splicing solutions in various challenging environments.

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