The Original ZTE GPON EPON F477v2 F477 F677 F677v2 F677v2, and F677v9 are models of Home Gateway Units (HGUs) designed for Unicom’s gigabit optical network infrastructure.

These devices are integral components of Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) and Fiber-To-The-Curb (FTTC) networks, enabling high-speed internet access, voice, and multimedia services for residential and small business users.

Key features of these

ZTE F477v2 F477 F677 F677v2 F677v9  include:

  1. Gigabit Optical Connectivity: These HGUs support gigabit optical connections, ensuring high-speed data transmission over fiber optic networks. This allows users to enjoy fast internet browsing, streaming, and downloading.
  2. GPON and EPON Compatibility: The HGUs are compatible with both Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) and Ethernet Passive Optical Network (EPON) standards, offering flexibility in network deployment and interoperability with different network architectures.
  3. Wireless Connectivity: They come equipped with built-in Wi-Fi functionality, allowing users to connect multiple devices wirelessly to the internet without the need for additional networking hardware. This feature enhances the convenience and versatility of the network setup.
  4. Voice Support: In addition to internet access, these HGUs often support voice services, enabling users to make phone calls over IP (VoIP) networks. This integration of voice services adds value to the offering, providing a complete communication solution for users.
  5. Advanced Security Features: ZTE HGUs typically incorporate advanced security features to safeguard users’ networks and data against unauthorized access, cyber threats, and malware. This ensures a secure online experience for users and protects their privacy.
  6. Easy Installation and Management: The HGUs are designed for easy installation and configuration, making them accessible to both end-users and service providers. They often come with intuitive management interfaces that allow users to monitor and manage their network settings conveniently.
  7. Reliability and Durability: ZTE is known for producing reliable and durable networking equipment, and these HGUs are no exception. They are built to withstand the demands of continuous operation and provide stable connectivity over the long term.
  8. Model Number: F477v2 F477 F677 F677v2 F677v9, F477v2 F477 F677 F677v2 F677v9
  9. Type: ONU, XPON ONU onu ont router
  10. Use: Network Solution
  11. Network: Wireless Lan, Wired LAN, wifi
  12. Application: FTTX
  13. Gross Weight: 0.15kg

ZTE GPON EPON F477v2 F477 F677 F677v2 and F677v9

Advance Features:

Original ZTE GPON EPON F477v2, F477, F677, F677v2, and F677v9 HGUs offer a robust solution for delivering high-speed internet and other communication services over fiber optic networks.

With their advanced features, ease of use, and reliability, they play a crucial role in enabling the digital transformation of residential and small business environments served by Unicom’s optical network infrastructure.


F477v2 F477 F677 F677v2 F677v9

Attribute ZTE HGU Models (F477v2, F477, F677, F677v2, F677v9)
Firmware FTTX
Warranty Time 1 YEAR
Network Wireless LAN, WiFi, 4G, 3G, Wiegand
Application FTTX Network
Material Plastic

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