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ZXHN F660 V5.2 FTTH Product Overview


The ZXHN F660 V5.2 FTTH is a GPON Optical Network Terminal meticulously crafted for FTTH scenarios. In this version, subscribers are bestowed with a plethora of rich, colorful, individualized, and convenient triple-play services encompassing voice, video (IPTV/CATV), and high-speed internet access.


With its support for desktop mounting, wall mounting, and network cabinet mounting, it caters to diverse installation needs. Specifically designed for FTTH scenarios, the ZTE F609 FTTH model represents a new-generation home network center, seamlessly meeting the comprehensive service requirements of high-end users.

 Key Specifications:

  1. In compliance with the ITU-T G.984 standard, ZXHN F660 V5.2 FTTH delivers a downlink speed of 2.488 Gbps and an uplink speed of 1.244 Gbps at the network side.
  2. At the user side, it furnishes four GE ports, two POTS ports, one 802.11b/g/n(2*2 @2.4G Hz) Wi-Fi interface, one USB interface, and one RF interface.
  3. Through its rich interface array, home users effortlessly access an array of services including voice, video, CATV, and various high-speed broadband services provided by ZXHN F668.

ZXHN F660 V5.2 Enhanced Features:

The ZXHN F660 V5.2 FTTH stands out with its enhanced features including its capability to provide

  1. Desktop mounting,
  2. Wall mounting,
  3. And network cabinet mounting options.
  4. Moreover, it embodies home gateway technology, making it a quintessential home network center for high-end users.
  5.  Delivers high-speed internet,
  6. High-quality voice and video (IPTV),
  7. Reliable wireless access,
  8. Convenient network storage services.

Technological Compliance:

This advanced terminal complies with the ITU-T G.984 standard, ensuring robust performance and compatibility with industry norms.

With its adherence to standards, users can trust in the reliability and interoperability of the ZXHN F660 V5.2 FTTH, ensuring seamless integration into existing network infrastructures.



Feature Details
Product Model ZXHN F660 V5.2 FTTH
Application GPON Optical Network Terminal (ONT)
Triple-Play Services Voice, Video (IPTV/CATV), High-speed Internet Access
Mounting Options Desktop, Wall, Network Cabinet
Compatibility ITU-T G.984 standard
Downlink Speed 2.488 Gbps
Uplink Speed 1.244 Gbps
User-side Interfaces – Four GE Ports – Two POTS Ports – One 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi Interface (2*2 @ 2.4 GHz) – One USB Interface – One RF Interface
Enhanced Features – Desktop, wall, and network cabinet mounting options – Home gateway technology for comprehensive service delivery – Support for high-speed broadband services
Technological Compliance – Adherence to ITU-T G.984 standard ensuring interoperability and reliability

ZXHN F660 V5.2 FTTH Product Characteristics

The ZXHN F660 V5.2 FTTH offers a comprehensive array of features tailored to meet the diverse needs of modern telecommunications and internet services.

Supported Services:

  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
  • Internet Access
  • Internet Protocol Television (IPTV)
  • Cable Television (CATV)

GPON Specifications:

  • Supports 8 T-CONTs
  • Provides 32 GEM Ports for efficient data transmission

Network Management:

  • VLAN Support: 802.1Q, 802.1P, 802.1ad
  • MAC Address Table Capacity: 1k entries
  • L3 Functions: DHCP Server/Client, DNS Client, NAT

IPv6 Compatibility:

  • Dual Stack
  • DS-Lite support for smooth transition

Voice over IP (VoIP):

  • Protocols: SIP/H.248
  • Codec Support: G.711/G.722/G.729
  • Fax Support: T.30/T.38

Wireless Connectivity (Wi-Fi):

  • 4 SSIDs for flexible network segmentation
  • 2×2 MIMO for enhanced wireless performance
  • Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) for simplified device pairing
  • Authentication Methods: Shared Key, 128-bit WEP, WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK, WPA-PSK + WPA2-PSK

Multicast Support:

  • IGMP v1/v2 Snooping/Proxy
  • MLD v1 Snooping
  • Multicast Group per User Port: Supports up to 256 groups

Quality of Service:

  • Service Flow Classification based on Physical Port, MAC Address, VLAN ID, VLAN Priority Level, IP Address
  • Supports SP/WRR/SP+WRR QoS algorithms

Management Options:

  • Local Web Management Interface
  • OMCI (ONT Management and Control Interface)
  • TR069 Protocol for remote management and configuration

Power and Physical Specifications:

  • Power Consumption: Less than 10W
  • Dimensions: 220mm (W) x 34mm (H) x 187mm (D)
  • Operating Temperature Range: 0°C to 40°C
  • Operating Humidity Range: 5% to 95%
  • Weight: Approximately 580g
  • Power Supply: 12V DC
  • Mounting Options: Desktop/Wall Mounting for versatile deployment configurations

The ZXHN F660 V5.2 FTTH stands as a versatile and feature-rich solution, offering reliable performance and flexibility for modern telecommunications and internet service providers.


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