Fiber Optic Terminal Box Overview:

The Fiber Optic Terminal Box is a compact yet versatile solution designed for efficient fiber optic cable management and deployment. With its thoughtful design and robust construction, this terminal box offers reliable protection for optical fibers and facilitates seamless integration into FTTD (Fiber-to-the-Desktop) systems. Whether wall-mounted or placed on a desk, its adaptable design ensures flexibility in installation while maximizing space utilization.

Product Features:

  • Reasonable Inner Space Design: The terminal box boasts a well-organized inner space, allowing for efficient termination, splicing, and storage of fiber optic cables.
  • Suitable Bending Radius: Engineered to support a suitable bending radius, ensuring optimal fiber protection and signal integrity.
  • FTTD System Compatibility: Designed to seamlessly integrate into FTTD systems, enabling efficient fiber connectivity from the central network to individual desktops. Fiber Optic Terminal Box
  • Wall or Desk Mountable: Versatile mounting options allow for easy installation on walls or desks, adapting to diverse deployment scenarios.
  • Max Capacity: Supports up to 2x2LC or 2xSC adapters, providing flexibility in connector configurations to meet various connectivity needs.
  • Material: Constructed from durable ABS material, ensuring longevity and durability in demanding environments.

Fiber Optic Terminal Box Applications:

  • Termination, Splicing, and Storage: Ideal for supporting termination, splicing, and storage of fiber optic cable systems, streamlining installation and maintenance processes.
  • Adapter Compatibility: Suitable for two adapters SC configuration, accommodating a wide range of adapter types for enhanced versatility.
  • Fiber Compatibility: Compatible with G.657A1 and G.657B3/G652D fiber types, ensuring compatibility with industry-standard fiber optic cables.
  • Compact Structure: Features a compact structure and perfect fiber management, optimizing space utilization and promoting efficient cable routing.
  • Engineered Fiber Routing: Incorporates engineered fiber routing to protect bend radius throughout the unit, preserving signal integrity and minimizing signal loss.
  • Wall-Mounted Design: Designed for wall-mounted applications, compatible with flush-mount outlets for seamless integration into existing infrastructure.

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