Product Description

FIBER SMF SFP-10G-ER-SM1270-BIDI (02311BJC) Transceiver Module

The FIBER SMF SFP-10G-ER-SM1270-BIDI (02311BJC) is a high-performance SFP+ transceiver module designed for use with single fiber single-mode fiber (SMF) optical cables. It supports a wide range of applications, including 10G Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, and STM-64, making it versatile for various networking needs.

Key Features

  • Form Factor: SFP+ (Small Form-factor Pluggable)
  • Operating Wavelengths: Transmitter at 1270 nm, Receiver at 1330 nm
  • Connector Type: Single LC
  • Data Rate: Supports data rates from 1.25 Gbps to 10.31 Gbps
  • Optical Budget: Minimum guaranteed optical budget of 14 dB
  • Transmission Distance: Typically supports up to 40 km over SMF
  • Laser Type: DFB (Distributed Feedback) Laser
  • Receiver Type: PIN Photodiode
  • Digital Diagnostics: DDM/DOM support for real-time monitoring of operating conditions
  • Temperature Range: Standard operating range of 0°-70°C (32°-158°F)
  • Protocols: Supports 10G Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, STM-64
  • Applications: Ideal for ISP Fiber To The Home, mobile operator core and backhaul SDH/SONET, data center networking, and other optical links


  • Internet Service Providers (ISP): Fiber To The Home routing and switching equipment.
  • Mobile Operators: Core and backhaul SDH/SONET applications.
  • Data Centers: Ethernet connections and other optical link requirements.
  • Enterprise Networks: Enhancing network infrastructure with high-speed, reliable connections.


The SFP-10G-ER-SM1270-BIDI module is designed to be compatible with various Huawei platforms, including Huawei S Series Switches and CloudEngine Series Switches. This ensures seamless integration and optimal performance across different networking environments.


Attribute Details
Vendor Name Huawei Compatible
Model SFP-10G-ER-SM1270-BIDI (02311BJC)
Form Factor SFP+
Wavelengths TX: 1270 nm, RX: 1330 nm
Connector Single LC
Data Rate 1.25 – 10.31 Gbps
Optical Budget 14 dB
Max Distance Approximately 40 km
Laser Type DFB
Receiver Type PIN Photodiode
DOM Support Yes
Operating Temperature Range 0°-70°C (32°-158°F)
Protocols 10G Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, STM-64


The FIBER SMF SFP-10G-ER-SM1270-BIDI (02311BJC) transceiver module is a versatile and high-performance solution for a variety of fiber optic communication applications. With its wide range of compatible platforms, robust optical budget, and support for digital diagnostics, it ensures reliable and efficient operation in diverse network environments. This module is ideal for ISPs, mobile operators, data centers, and enterprise networks looking to enhance their fiber optic infrastructure.

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