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Fiberhome AN5516-04 OLT Product Overview

Fiberhome AN5516-04 OLT can not only provide large-capacity, high-bandwidth, low-cost voice, data and video service access solutions, but also has the advantages of miniaturization and easy equipment deployment under limited conditions, meeting the current rapid growth of network services comprehensive coverage demand. At the same time, the ability of this device to support traditional copper wire access services has greatly improved its service compatibility, effectively promoting the evolution of traditional access services

Fiberhome AN5516-04 OLT Description

Fiberhome AN5516-04 OLT is suitable for fiber access and MSAN access occasions such as FTTH/FTTB/FTTC/FTTM/FTTDP/FTTA. It can be used for AC power supply and deployed in outdoor cabinets far away from urban areas.
In addition to providing access to the fixed network, the AN5516-04 device can also be used as a mobile base station’s bearer equipment to realize the IP-based mobile bearer network
The AN5516 series carrier-grade OLT equipment includes:
AN5516-01 large-scale OLT equipment, which can provide 16 service board slots;
AN5516-06 medium-sized OLT equipment, which can provide 6 service board slots;
AN5516-04 small OLT equipment, can provide 2 service board slots.


Model No. AN5516-04
Dimension: 600*430*230mm
Operating Environment Temperature: -40℃~+65℃
Humidity:5%~95% (non-condensing
Power Supply Parameters -48V DC input Supports dual power protection
Working Voltage range -38.4V~-72V
Backplane Exchange capacity 1.5Tbit/s
Control Board Exchange Capacity 960Gbit/s
Access Capacity 48*10G EPON
24*10G GPON
Access Type Upstream interface: 10GE optical, GE optical/electricity
Business interface: EPON optical port, GPON optical port, 10G EPON optical port, P2P FE optical port, P2P GE optical port, Ethernet optical interface
System Performance Layer 2 / Layer 3 wire-speed forwarding
Support static router /RIP/OSPE.MPLS
BITS/E1/STM-1/Ethernet/1588v2/1PPS+ToD clock
Maximum support 1:256 splitting ratio
Maximum support 60KM logical distance

Product Feature:


Super access capability

  • Large-capacity, high-density carrier-grade multi-Gigabit platform, single frame supports 256 PON ports
  • Provide 10 Gigabit high-speed uplink board: 1*10GE+ 4*GE, 2*10GE+ 2*GE, 6*GE (optical and electrical optional)
  • Support STM-1/E1 dedicated line upstream interface, support maximum 16×16GE dedicated line downstream interface
  • 1: 32/64/128 optical split ratio, support ultra-long transmission distance, support CLASS C+ optical module
  • The maximum differential distance of different ONUs under the same PON port is not less than 40 kilometers

Full service access

  • Provide broadband, voice, IPTV, CATV, TDM and other comprehensive service access
  • Support IEEE 1588V2 protocol, support 1PPS+TOD clock input
  • Support OSPF, VRRP, RIP and other three-layer functional protocols
  • EPON/GPON/10G PON/P2P common platform, supporting smooth evolution of FTTX

High reliability optimized design

  • Standard 19-inch structure supports 16 business slots
  • Full front board, front outlet design
  • Support hot swap of all boards and PON optical modules
  • Support business board, main control, uplink master and backup redundancy protection
  • End-to-end protection: uplink dual-homing/RSTP/LACP protection, PON port TYPE B/C protection


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