GYXTW 2B1 Overview:

The GYXTW 2B1 12 Core fiber optic cable is a durable and high-performance communication cable designed for various networking applications. It features a total of 12 fiber cores, providing ample capacity for transmitting data over long distances with minimal signal loss. The cable is constructed with high-quality materials to ensure reliability and longevity in diverse environmental conditions.

Its GYXTW design indicates that it is a central tube type cable, which means the fiber cores are housed within a central tube surrounded by strength members for protection. This design offers excellent flexibility and resistance to external factors such as moisture, temperature fluctuations, and physical stress.

The “2B1” designation likely refers to specific characteristics of the cable, such as its jacket material, color, or other specifications. However, without more context or information, it’s difficult to provide a precise interpretation of this designation.

GYXTW 2B1 Features:

Low dispersion and attenuation
Proper design, precise control for fiber excess length and distinct stranding process render the cable excellent mechanical and environmental properties
Double-jacket structure make cable have nice properties of moisture resistance and crush resistance
With small cable diameter, light cable weight, easily to lay
Operating Temperature : -40 ~ +60 ℃
Waterproofing layer providing strong water-resistance performance
Steel tape with PE outer sheathing and metallic strengthening member enhancing anti-crush and tensile property of cable
Up to 24 fiber cores
The loose tube is centrally situated with good excess length and minimizes the influence of lateral crush.
Double wire as strength member provides excellent strain performance.


These central loose tube optical fiber ribbon cables are suitable for installation in aerial or duct environment for communication between bureaus, metropolitan network, access network and is especially suitable for the situation where high-density fibers is expected.
Laying modes: Aerial & Conduit
Rural communication, local trunk line, CATV & computer networks system
Long-distance communication and LAN
Structure configurations:
Waterproofing layer between the steel tape and cable core.
Double-sided PE corrugated steel tape with PE sheath
Parallel double steel wire as strengthening member
Specification Description
Cable Type GYXTW (Central Tube Type)
Fiber Count 12
Fiber Type Single-mode or Multimode
Fiber Core Material Glass or Plastic
Cable Structure Central tube surrounded by strength members
Jacket Material [Specify material]
Jacket Color [Specify color]
Cable Diameter [Specify diameter, e.g., in millimeters]
Operating Temperature [Specify range, e.g., -40°C to 70°C]
Tensile Strength [Specify strength, e.g., in Newtons]
Crush Resistance [Specify resistance, e.g., in N/100mm]
Bending Radius [Specify radius, e.g., in millimeters]
Installation Method Direct burial, duct installation, aerial installation
Application Telecommunications, internet services, data centers

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