The GC8B introduces fundamental principles as follows: The control module manages software loading, operational control, and other tasks on a single board.

The exchange module converges signals from 8 GPON ports. The interface module facilitates the conversion between GPON optical signals and Ethernet messages.

The clock module supplies operational clocks for each function module on the single board.

Parameter Specification
Power Consumption GC8B: Static 5W, Maximum 65W, Typical 55W
GCOB: Static 5W, Maximum 35W, Typical 30W
Dimensions Height: 445mm, Width: 320mm, Depth: 80mm
Weight 1kg

Feature and Application:

High Throughput Performance:

      • Supports H-QOS (Hierarchical Quality of Service).
      • Provides 1024 queues and 356 schedulers per PON port.
      • Implements color-sensitive RED (Random Early Detection) and WRED (Weighted Random Early Detection) discard algorithms.

Low Power Consumption

GC8B GPON Service Board:

      • Utilizes a newly developed, energy-efficient GPON MAC chip.
      • Achieves a 30% reduction in power consumption compared to industry averages.

GC8B 8 GPON ports High Density:

      • Offers 8 GPON ports per card, supporting up to a 1:128 split ratio.

GPON Functionality:

    • Supports ONU (Optical Network Unit) power-saving management as defined in G.987.3 standards.
    • Accommodates 1024 T-CONTs (Transmission Containers) per PON port and 4096 GEM (GPON Encapsulation Method) ports per PON port.


Module Function
Management and control module GC8B Manages and controls the card; implements card configuration.
GPON MAC module Implements the GPON functions defined by ITU-T G.984.3.
TM module Processes data in the service layer, including bandwidth management and QoS processes, satisfying the SLA requirement. The processing function is compatible with TR156.
GPON optical module Provides PON-C optical interface; complies with ITU-T G.984.2.

GC8B 8 GPON Ports Service Board:

This GC8B 8 GPON Ports Service Board is designed for use in FTTX and FTTH environments, supporting both Wired LAN and GPON networks. With a high transmit speed of 2.488 Gbit/s, it ensures efficient data transmission.

Compatible with GPFD and GPBD cards, it meets FCC certification standards, guaranteeing quality and compliance.

Versatile Configuration and Compact Design:

Featuring 8 PON ports and supporting various SFP types (B+, C, C+, C++), this service board offers versatility and flexibility. Powered by DC 48V, it comes in a compact dimension of 490*325*75 mm, suitable for various deployment scenarios.


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