The Optical MPO MTP Fiber Optic Cassette is a high-density, modular solution designed to simplify the management and organization of fiber optic connections within a patch panel. Capable of supporting up to 24 fiber cores, this cassette is ideal for data centers, enterprise networks, and telecommunications applications, where efficient, high-capacity fiber management is essential.

Key Features

  1. High Capacity:
    • 24 Fiber Cores: Supports up to 24 fiber optic cores, offering a high-density solution for managing numerous fiber connections within a compact form factor.
    • MPO/MTP Connectors: Utilizes MPO (Multi-Fiber Push-On) or MTP (Mechanical Transfer Push-On) connectors, which are known for their ability to manage multiple fibers in a single connector.
  2. Modular Design:
    • Plug-and-Play: The cassette is designed for easy installation and removal, allowing for quick deployment and reconfiguration of fiber connections as network needs change.
    • Interchangeable: Compatible with standard patch panels, enabling easy integration into existing network infrastructure.
  3. Efficient Fiber Management:
    • Pre-Terminated: Comes pre-terminated with optical MPO MTP connectors, reducing installation time and the need for on-site termination.
    • Organized Cabling: Ensures organized and secure fiber management, minimizing the risk of tangling and damage.
  4. High Performance:
    • Low Insertion Loss: Designed to provide low insertion loss and high return loss, maintaining optimal signal quality and network performance.
    • Standards Compliance: Meets industry standards for optical performance and reliability, ensuring compatibility with other network components.
  5. Durable Construction:
    • Robust Housing: Constructed from durable materials to protect the internal fibers and connectors from physical damage and environmental factors.
    • Secure Connections: Ensures stable and secure connections with robust locking mechanisms for MPO/MTP connectors.
  6. Ease of Maintenance:
    • Accessible Design: Provides easy access to fiber connections for quick maintenance and troubleshooting.
    • Labeling: Clear labeling of ports and connectors simplifies identification and management of fiber connections.


  1. Data Centers:
    • High-Density Fiber Management: Ideal for data centers where space is at a premium and high-density fiber optic connections are required.
    • Server Connections: Facilitates connections between servers, storage systems, and network switches with high-speed fiber optic links.
  2. Enterprise Networks:
    • Centralized Fiber Management: Provides an organized solution for managing fiber optic connections in corporate network environments.
    • Backbone Infrastructure: Supports the backbone infrastructure of enterprise networks, ensuring high-speed data transmission.
  3. Telecommunications:
    • Carrier Networks: Used in telecommunications networks to manage and distribute large volumes of data over fiber optic cables.
    • Central Offices: Deployed in central office environments to support high-density fiber optic connections for telecommunications services.
  4. Educational and Research Institutions:
    • Campus Networks: Suitable for campus-wide fiber optic networks, providing robust connectivity for academic and research purposes.
    • Research Facilities: Meets the high bandwidth and low latency requirements of research facilities involved in data-intensive projects.
  5. Broadcast and Media:
    • Media Transmission: Facilitates high-speed data transmission Optical MPO MTP for broadcast and media networks, ensuring reliable content delivery.
    • Video and Audio Streaming: Supports the high bandwidth needs of video and audio streaming services.
  6. FTTH (Fiber to the Home):
    • Residential Fiber Networks: Ideal for FTTH deployments, delivering high-speed internet and communication services to homes.
    • Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs): Suitable for managing fiber connections in MDUs, ensuring reliable connectivity to multiple residences.

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