Experience exceptional network performance with the XFP Optical Transceiver 10G 10KM SFP+/SFP-10G-LR Huawei compatible 10G 1310nm 10km SFP+ optical transceiver.

Superior Quality and Reliability

This XFP Optical Transceiver top-of-the-line product, directly from Huawei, guarantees superior quality and reliability.

XFP Optical Transceiver

Short-Range Data Transmission

Operating at a wavelength of 1310nm, it provides a transmission distance of 0.1KM, making it perfect for short-range data transmission in various networking environments.

Seamless Connectivity with XFP Optical Transceiver

With its SFP+ interface, this optical transceiver offers seamless connectivity and compatibility with a wide range of networking equipment.

Blazing-Fast 10G Data Speeds

It delivers blazing-fast 10G data speeds, ensuring efficient and high-bandwidth data transmission.

Exceptional Signal Integrity

Designed to meet stringent industry standards, it boasts exceptional signal integrity, ensuring reliable data transmission.

Low Power Consumption and Long-Term Stability

With low power consumption and long-term stability, this optical transceiver provides reliable performance over time.

Product Compatibility

  • Compatible Devices: Apply to Huawei OSN3500 series EOS board, EAS2; SDH board, STM-64; Packet Processing board, PEX.
  • Huawei OSN8800 Series Compatibility: Apply to Huawei OSN8800 series tributary client side board, typically TDX, TQX; and client port on transponder board, typically LSX, LDX, LTX.

 Specification’s of XFP Optical Transceiver

Parameter Value
Optical Module Type 10 Gbit/s Multirate-10 km-XFP
Line code format NRZ
Optical source type SLM
Target transmission distance (km) 10
Transmitter parameter specifications at point S
Operating wavelength range (nm) 1290 to 1330
Maximum mean launched power (dBm) -1
Minimum mean launched power (dBm) -6
Minimum extinction ratio (dB) 6
Minimum side mode suppression ratio (dB) 30
Eye pattern mask G.691-compliant
Receiver parameter specifications at point R
Receiver type PIN
Operating wavelength range (nm) 1260 to 1565
Receiver sensitivity (multirate) (dBm) -11
Receiver sensitivity (10GE LAN) (dBm) -14.4
Minimum receiver overload (10GE LAN) (dBm) 0.5
Minimum receiver overload (STM-64) (dBm) -1
Maximum reflectance (dB) -27

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