ZTE C300 GPON Product Overview

ZTE C300 GPON is 2 *10GE Port 2* GE Port Uplink board for ZTE C300 OLT. ZXA10 C300 is the industry’s first FTTX office-side high-capacity access platform for next-generation PON evolution, providing extremely fast bandwidth, meeting full-service access, adapting to multi-scenario applications, and providing carrier-class QoS and security guarantees.

ZTE C300 GPON Product Features

Large capacity, high density, high performance, and flatness

It meets the requirements for network evolution and deployment of “large capacity and few offices”, and meets the requirements of flat network, high-density interface boards, and provides special solutions for large splitting ratio and long-distance application scenarios.

Seven-mode access to ensure continuous network evolution

GPON / EPON, 10G PON (XG-PON1 / 10G-EPON / XGS-PON), and NG-PON2 (TWDM-PON) three generations of PON access technologies are integrated on the same platform while supporting P2P. On-demand deployment and flexible access ensure continuous network evolution.

Adapt to network convergence and full-service carrying

It adapts to TDM and mobile backhaul bearers, complete VLAN / multicast / QoS service capabilities and excellent service performance, which meets the network construction requirements under the background of optical advancement, copper withdrawal, and triple play.


  • Brand Name: ZTE
  • Use: FTTH, FTTH
  • Warranty Time:1 year, 1 YEARS
  • Network: Wired LAN, SDK, Wiegand, TCP, GPRS, Wired LAN, Wired LAN
  • Highly-efficient DBA:NSR-DBA,SR-DBA
  • Application: Telecommunication
  • Product name:1G/10G GPON OLT C300
  • Pon: GPON/EPON

Specifications of ZTE C300:

Backplane capacity: 5,76 Tbit/s
Switching capacity 800 Gbit/s
Number of service cards 14 (GPON/P2P/XG-PON1)
Number of control cards 2
Number of power supply cards 2
Number of uplink cards 2 (10GE/GE/FE/E1/T1)
Maximum number of GPON subscribers 16384
Management Interfaces CLI, SSH, SNMP, telnet
Dimensions 10U (443,7 x 482,6 x 270 mm)
Power -48 V (DC)
Working temperature and humidity -25°C – +55°C, 5% – 95%
Split Ratio up to 1:256
Range 20-60 km
Maximum attenuation SFP B+ 28 dB, SFP C+ 32 dB
Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation NSR-DBA, SR-DBA
Support FEC, AES128, SCB, OLS
Routing Static IPV4 a IPV6
Multicast IGMP Snooping/Proxy/SPR a MLD Snooping/Proxy, 256 multicast VLAN, CAC, PRV, CDR
QoS 8 queues/port, SP, DWRR, DSPC (re)mark, CIR, PIR, EIR
Security features L2-L4 ACL, IP a MAC source guard, DOS protection, MAC/IP anti-spoofing, Anti-flooding, DHCP 82
Features VLAN, SVLAN, QinQ, VLAN Stacking, STP/RSTP/MSTP, DHCP Server, DHCP Relay, DHCP Proxy, IPv4/IPv6 dual stack
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