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ZTE C320 OLT Uplink Board: Product Overview

The ZTE C320 OLT is a key component of the ZXA10 C320, a compactly-designed access optical platform with small capacity. This OLT supports xPON access and smooth evolution.

Key Features of ZTE C320 OLT:


  • High Connectivity and Efficiency:

    • Connect Up to 4096 ONT/ONU with Less Than 200W Power Consumption.
  • Compact and Space-Saving Design:

    • New-Generation Compact OLT, Only 2U High, Saving Installation Space.
  • Industry-Leading Line Card Density:

    • High Line Card Density with 16-Port GPON/EPON and 48-Channel P2P Board Capability.
  • Versatile Platform Access:

    • Supports GPON/EPON/P2P/10G EPON/XG-PON1 Technologies with Unified Bearer for Various Services.
  • Integrated Access Solutions:

    • Supports Unified Bearer Voice, High-Speed Internet Access, IPTV, Traditional TDM, and Mobile Backhaul Services.
  • Scalable Architecture:

    • Large-Scale OLT Hardware and Software Architecture Supporting Evolution and Compatibility with ZXA10 C300 Service Boards, Reducing Board Costs.

ZTE C320 OLT Uplink Board: Product Highlights

  • Unified Platform Compatibility:

    • Supports GPON, XG-PON1, and P2P Technologies on a Unified Platform.
  • Compact Design for Flexibility and Speed:

    • Small Size and Compact Design Facilitating Flexible Network Configuration and Rapid Deployment.
  • Enhanced Compatibility and Expandability:

    • 2U Frame with 2 Service Slots, Compatible with ZXA10 C300 Line Cards for Increased Compatibility and Expandability.
  • Abundant Service Support:

    • Offers Support for Various Services Including IPTV, VoIP, HSI, VPN, and Mobile Backhaul.
  • Enhanced Security Assurance:

    • Implements Higher Security Measures Including ONT Authentication, User ID Identification, Port Isolation, Address Binding, Packet Filtering, and Broadcast Packet Suppression.
  • High Reliability:

    • Features Key Parts Redundancy and Supports Type B and Type C Protection for PON Downlink, Along with LACP/UAPS/STP/ERPS(G.8032) for Uplink.
  • Service Differentiation:

    • Provides Comprehensive QoS Mechanisms for Voice, Video, and High-Speed Internet Services Ensuring Service Differentiation.
  • Redundancy Support:

    • Offers Support for DC Input Redundancy, AC Power Supply, 1:1 Protection for PON Interfaces, and 1:1 Protection for SW (Core Card).


Component Description
OLT C320
1G OLT SMXA A11 1G Main Control Board
2*SMXA/1 (control, GE uplink, DC power 3 in 1 card)
10G OLT SMXA A31 10G Uplink Main Control Board
Power Board
DC & AC PRAM board
Service Board
GPON / EPON 8 ports board + 8*modules
GTGH / ETGH 16 ports board + 16*modules
2*power cables, RJ-45 first turn 9-pin RS-232 female network cable, RJ-45 network cable


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