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ZTE ZXA10 C600 OLT Overview

ZTE ZXA10 C600 OLT is a large-capacity OLT device based on the TITAN platform for network reconfiguration. It is designed to meet the demands of ultra-high bandwidth access, large video, fixed-mobile convergence, network reconfiguration, carrier-grade QoS, and security assurance.

ZTE ZXA10 C600 OLT: Versatile Unified Platform

ZTE ZXA10 C600 OLT is a 19-inch, 11U height unified platform with 17 service slots. It supports multiple access technologies including GPON, XG-PON, XGS-PON, Combo PON, 10G-EPON, and GE P2P. Additionally, it enables smooth migration to 50G PON. The OLT provides L2 switch, VLAN service, L3 routing protocol, and service processing capabilities. It supports flexible configurations and suits multiple application scenarios.

Inclusion  OLT

This OLT comes with a chassis featuring 2 control boards, 8 10GE uplinks, 2 DC power boards, 2 DC power cables, and 1 earth cable.

ZTE ZXA10 C600 OLT: Key Features

Advanced Hardware Architecture

  • Incorporates the most advanced hardware architecture.
  • Features separated control and forwarding planes, with redundant active and standby control planes, and dual-switching plane load sharing for enhanced reliability.
  • Supports ISSU and NSR for uninterrupted operations during upgrades and switchovers.

High Capacity

  • Offers the industry’s highest switching capacity and slot bandwidth, ensuring optimal performance.
  • Compatible with multiple generations of PON access technologies and various technical directions.

SDN and AO/CO Reconstruction

  • Supports Netconf/YANG for seamless evolution to SDN.
  • Facilitates network slicing and offers built-in blades for deploying experience-sensitive services.

Three-in-One Combo PON

  • Introduces the industry’s first three-in-one Combo PON with built-in WDM1r, ensuring zero impact on existing GPON business.
  • Allows deployment of GPON ONU or 10G GPON ONU as per demand.

Product Specifications

Specification Details
Brand ZTE
Model C600
Switching capacity of backplane bus (Tbit/s) 14
System switching capacity (Tbit/s) 7.2
Switching capacity of system layer 2 packet forwarding rate Distributed unblocked forwarding
Switching card switching capacity 3.6 Tbit/s (single switching board SFUL/SFULV/SFUH/SFUHV)
Switching and forwarding delay Upstream: ≤1500 μs<br> Downstream: ≤100 μs
Full load bit error rate 10 e-9 (full load transmission)
Dimensions (mm) 486.1 (H) × 482.6 (W) × 288.5 (D)
Weight(kg) 18 (empty) <br> <52 (full configuration)




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