Product Description

High Quality Indoor/Outdoor 16 Core Fiber Optic FTTH distribution/Termination Box With 1×16 Cassette Splitter

Fiber optic splitter box is suitable for protective connection of fiber cables and pigtails in FTTH. Widely used in the residential buildings; Can be installed on the wall; May adapt variety of optical connection styles


● The high strength plastic, resistant to rain, For indoor and outdoor wall mount or pole mount

● All-optical Structure

● Low Insertion Loss, High Return Loss

● Good stability and reliability


● Optical LAN & WAN & CATV

● FTTH project & FTTX

● Testing instruments

● Optical fiber communication networks

● PON Networks

● Optical Signal Distribution


Operating temperature: -40°C – +70°C
Storage temperature: -40°C – +70°C
Relative humidity: ≤90% (when the temperature is below 30°C)
Atmosphere pressure 62Kpa – 106Kpa
Insulating resistance: ≥2×104 MΩ / 500V (DC)
Insertion loss: IL≤0.30dB(PC),IL≤0.30dB(APC)
Return loss: PC≥40.0dB ,UPC≥50.0dB,APC≥60.0dB
Interchangeability ≤0.20dB
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