Overview: GC8B 8 Ports GPON

The GC8B 8 Ports GPON introduces fundamental principles as follows: The control module manages software loading, operational control, and other tasks on a single board.

The exchange module converges signals from 8 GPON ports. The interface module facilitates the conversion between GPON optical signals and Ethernet messages.

The clock module supplies operational clocks for each function module on the single board.

Feature and Application:


GC8B 8 Ports GPON: High Throughput Performance:

  1. Supports H-QOS (Hierarchical Quality of Service).
  2. Provides 1024 queues and 356 schedulers per PON port.
  3. Implements color-sensitive RED (Random Early Detection) and WRED (Weighted Random Early Detection) discard algorithms.
  4. Low Power Consumption

GC8B 8 Ports GPON Service Board:

  1. Utilizes a newly developed, energy-efficient GPON MAC chip.
  2. Achieves a 30% reduction in power consumption compared to industry averages.

GC8B 8 ports GPON High Density:

1.GC8B 8 Ports GPON per card, supporting up to a 1:128 split ratio.

GPON Functionality:

  • The OLT Service INTERFACE board card, designed for applications in FTTH, FTTx, and FTTB networks, comes with a warranty period of one year.
  • This innovative card, compatible with various network configurations including Wireless LAN, Wired LAN, GPRS, wifi, 4G, and Wiegand, ensures reliable and efficient connectivity.
  • The OLT Service INTERFACE board card arrives in brand-new condition, ready to enhance network performance and streamline operations.
  • Whether deployed in residential, commercial, or industrial settings, this card guarantees seamless integration and optimal functionality, offering a robust solution for modern telecommunications infrastructures.


Item OLT Service INTERFACE board card
Warranty Time 1 year
Network Wireless LAN, Wired LAN, GPRS, wifi, 4G, Wiegand
Application FTTH, FTTx, FTTB Network
Package Cardboard box
Condition NEW

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