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Huawei ETP 48100 B1 Power has 4 output, each MAX output 25A; If equipped with two R850G2, total output can be 100A. this is a carrier-class AC/DC power converter, convert 220V/110V AC power to -48V DC power, MAX output 50A.

ETP48100-B1 subrack composed by 1xPMU(11A), 1xPSU(R4850G2); comes with pre- connected Europe power cable, max output 50A and offers Maximum output power: 3000 W (176–290 V AC); 1250 W (85–175 V AC decreased linearly).

Huawei ETP 48100 B1 Power Product Specifications

Brand Huawei
Model ETP 48100 B1
Modulation Pulse frequency modulation
Transistor connection method Full bridge
Work efficiency 98(%)
Output ripple noise 65MV
Output voltage accuracy 0.023(%)
Voltage adjustment rate 0.021(%)
Load Regulation 0.12(%)
certified product iso9001
Input voltage 220 V AC single-phase voltage range: 176 V AC to 290 V AC
Input voltage frequency 45 Hz to 65 Hz
Output voltage Voltage range: -42 V DC to -58 V DC
Output current 30 A for the 220 V AC single-phase input power
Maximum output power (W) 3000 W (176–290 V AC); 1250 W (85–175 V AC decreased linearly)
Surge protection capability 2 kV in differential mode
4 kV in common mode

Huawei ETP 48100 B1 Power Product Features

  • High efficiency: >96%
  • Input voltage range: 260VAC~ 530VAC
  • Operating temperature range: -40°C~+75°C (output derating at 45°C above _)
  • harmonic distortion (THD): ≤5%.
  • Support hot swap function
  • Fully digital control
  • Support smart meter
  • Support CAN bus communication function
  • Support voltage and current adjustment function
  • Support LED display alarm

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Modern Functionality

of the Huawei ETP48100-B1-50A

The Huawei ETP48100-B1-50A stands out with its advanced features tailored for modern needs:

1. Wide Input Voltage Range:

  • With an input voltage range of 100V – 240V, this device ensures compatibility with various power sources, offering flexibility in deployment.

2. Extreme Operating Conditions:

  • Operating flawlessly in temperatures ranging from -40°C to 75°C, it remains reliable in harsh environments, making it suitable for diverse applications.

3. Easy Installation and Maintenance:

  • Hot-swappable rectifier blocks streamline installation and maintenance procedures, enhancing operational efficiency.

4. Versatile Design:

  • Featuring a versatile design, it accommodates a wide range of applications while optimizing space utilization, thanks to its well-thought-out structure.

5. High Efficiency:

  • With a remarkable rectifier efficiency exceeding 96%, it not only conserves electricity but also contributes to ecological sustainability.

6. Ambient Temperature Monitoring:

  • Equipped with ambient temperature monitoring support, it ensures operational stability by keeping track of environmental conditions.

7. Conversion Capability:

  • Specifically designed to convert 220V public grid power to a constant -48V voltage, it meets the requirements of modern electronic systems.

8. Expandable Output:

  • The ability to utilize two internal power supplies enables up to 100A output current of -48V, catering to the power needs of various functional units.

9. Compact Form Factor:

  • With all functional units conforming to a standard 1U size, it can be effortlessly installed in a 19″ rack or cabinet, optimizing space utilization.

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