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The MA5800-X17, a Huawei OLT terminal, is designed to be compatible with GPON/XGPON networks. Its housing conforms to the Rack 21″ standard and stands at 11U in height, accommodating a total of 17 service boards.

Enhanced Capabilities of

Huawei’s MA5800-X17 New OLT Series:

This new OLT series from Huawei boasts support for 8 times more MAC and ARP addresses compared to the popular MA5683T models. With a total switching capacity of up to 7 Tb/s, each service slot can achieve a maximum throughput of 200 Gb/s using the H901MPLB control board or 100 Gb/s using the H901MPLA control board.

Additionally, this product is compatible with 16-port GPON boards (2.5 Gb/s), offering ample opportunities for network expansion.


Physical Specifications Parameters
Supported cabinet N63E-22, N66E-18
Maximum weight (including mounting brackets) 45 kg
Maximum input current 60 A
Power supply mode DC power support (dual for backup)
Working voltage range -38.4 V DC to -72 V DC
Rated voltage -48V / -60V
Ambient temperature -40°C to +65°C*
Ambient humidity 5% RH to 95% RH
Maximum Number of Ports in a Subrack (full configuration)
GPON ports 272
XG-PON ports 272
XGS-PON ports 272
10GE/GE ports 408
GE/FE ports 816
System Specifications
Switching capacity of the control board (load sharing mode)
MPLA 3.6 Tbit/s
MPLB 7 Tbit/s
Maximum bandwidth per service slot (load sharing mode)
MPLA 100 Gbit/s
MPLB 200 Gbit/s
Maximum number of concurrent 4K video users 16000
Maximum number of MAC address 262143
Maximum number of IPv4 routing tables 65536
Maximum number of IPv6 routing tables 16384
Maximum number of ARP tables Before the V100R017C10 version: 66048 V100R017C10 version: 98816 V100R018C00 and later versions: 131072
Switching / Forwarding delay Short forwarding delay: The 100 Mbit/s Ethernet port sends the 64-byte Ethernet packets at a delay shorter than 20 μs
Bit error rate (BER) in full load A BER smaller than 10 e-7 for a port that transmits data in full load
Primary Features
Layer 2 features VLAN+MAC forwarding SVLAN+CVLAN forwarding PPPoE+ DHCP option82
Layer 3 features Static route RIP/RIPng OSPF/OSPFv3 IS-IS BGP/BGP4+ ARP DHCP relay VRF MPLS&PWE3 MPLS LDP MPLS RSVP-TE MPLS OAM MPLS BGP IP VPN Tunnel protection switching TDM/ETH PWE3 PW protection switching
QoS Traffic classification Priority processing trTCM-based traffic policing WRED Traffic shaping HQoS PQ/WRR/PQ+WRR ACL
Multicast IGMP v2/v3 IGMP proxy/snooping MLD v1/v2(V100R016C10 and later versions) MLD Proxy/Snooping(V100R016C10 and later versions) VLAN-based IPTV multicast IPv4 PIMand PIM-SSM(V100R017C00 and later versions)
IPv6 IPv4/IPv6 dual stack IPv6 L2 and L3 forwarding DHCPv6 relay
System reliability GPON type B/type C protection 10G GPON type B protection BFD(V100R016C10 and later versions) ERPS (G.8032) MSTP Monitor Link(V100R018C10 and later versions) Intra-board and inter-board LAG In-service software upgrade (ISSU) of the control board 2 control boards and 2 power boards for redundancy protection In-service board fault detection and rectification Service overload control Eco-friendly and energy-saving In compliance with the Code of Conduct v5 released by the European Commission
VXLAN (V100R018C00 and later versions) Virtual eXtensibleLAN
SRv6 (V100R019C10 and later versions) Segment Routing IPv6

Features of MA5800-X17 MPLA Control Board

Number of Slots

  • Service Cards: 7
  • Control Modules: 2
  • Power Supply: 2


  • GPON: 112
  • Ethernet: 4x1G

Service Cards

  • GPON: 16 ports
  • XPON: 8 ports


  • 7 Tb/s

MA5800-X17 MPLA Control Board


  •       VLAN
  • IEEE 802.1Q: 4094
  • QinQ
  • VLAN Translation
  • Mac Address Table
  • Table Size: 262143

Multicast MA5800-X17 MPLA

  • Multicast VLAN (MVR): Support
  • Multicast Routing: PIM-SSM


  • Support: MPLS LDP, VPLS, PWE3

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