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The SmartAX MA5818 multi-service access module is a new-generation large-capacity multi-service gigabit access device that provides ultra-high bandwidth access capability and flexible capacity expansion capability.
The MA5818 provides user port and GPON/10G GPON/GE/10GE uplink ports.

MA5818: Multi-Service Access Device for Ultra-Broadband Access and Flexible Capacity Expansion:

As a multi-service access device, the MA5818 supports ultra-broadband access and flexible capacity expansion. It provides G. fast, Super Vector, Vectoring, VDSL2, and POTS user ports and can be used in fiber to the building (FTTB) and fiber to the curb (FTTC) scenarios that demand high bandwidth access.

Ultra-High Bandwidth:

• Pioneers the use of and SuperVector, which are innovative high-bandwidth access technologies that use wider spectrums to meet high bandwidth requirements on copper lines.

• allows operators to define upstream and downstream rates, and use existing copper resources to support new services such as HD video, remote home surveillance, and city surveillance.

Flexible Capacity SmartAX MA5818


• Provides separate VP slots to support smooth capacity expansion.

• Adopts the innovative board-insertion design, enabling on-demand deployment.

 Fast deployment;

• Maximizes the use of existing copper resources to meet future bandwidth demands and avoid the difficulty of routing fibers to homes.

• is compatible with VDSL2, allowing live-network users to be smoothly upgraded. Moreover, lines consume less power than VDSL2 lines.

 SmartAX MA5818 Easy Maintenance and Management:

• Supports remote software commissioning, offline deployment, and plug and play (PnP).

• Supports remote fault locating, troubleshooting, and batch upgrade.

• Supports mature FTTx network management modes, and allows lines to be diagnosed and tested as xDSL lines.



Feature Description
Device Model SmartAX MA5818
Access Module Type Multi-Service Access Module
Capacity Large
Access Capability Ultra-High Bandwidth Access
Capacity Expansion Capability Flexible
User Port Options POTS/VDSL2/
Upstream Transmission Modes GPON/XG-PON/GE/10GE
Deployment Scenarios FTTB, FTTC, FTTD
Bandwidth Demand High

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