Introducing the ZTE C620 OLT

ZTE C620 OLT a powerful and versatile Optical Line Terminal designed to elevate your network infrastructure to new heights. This cutting-edge OLT is engineered to deliver lightning-fast data transmission and seamless connectivity for high-performance fiber optic networks.

ZTE C650

ZTE C620 OLT GPON XPON Technology:

With support for GPON, XG-PON1, XGS-PON, and NG-PON2 technologies, the ZTE C620 ensures future-proof adaptability to evolving demands.

Its robust and scalable design allows for easy integration into various network environments, making it a preferred choice for businesses and service providers.

User Friendly Interface

The ZTE C620 OLT offers an intuitive management interface, simplifying configuration and monitoring processes. It guarantees enhanced network performance and uninterrupted data delivery, empowering you to meet the ever-increasing connectivity needs of today and tomorrow.

Upgrade your network with the ZTE C620 OLT and unleash the full potential of your communication infrastructure.



Item Descriptions
Brand ZTE
Model C620
Uplink interface GE, 10GE
Downlink interface GPON, XG(S)-PON, Combo PON, Any-pon, P2P
Dimensions 88.1 mm*482.6 mm*283.5 mm (H*W*D)
Weight Empty shelf: 3.93 kg;Full configuration: <13 kg
Operating voltage -48V or -60V DC, 220V/110V AC
Operating current ≤ 15 A
Operating temperature -40°C ~ +65°C, min. start-up temperature is -25°C
Operating relative humidity 5%-95%
Altitude ≤ 4000 m
Air pressure 70 kPa-106 kPa

ZTE ZXA10 C620 OLT and related Boards

Card Code Card Name
Enhanced SFUL Enhanced System Control And Switching Card Type L
Enhanced SFUP Enhanced System Control And Switching Card Type P
Enhanced SFUH Enhanced System Control And Switching Card Type H
Enhanced SFUQ Enhanced System Control And Switching Card Type Q
SPUF Type-F switch & control card
SPUFS Type-FS switch & control card
PRVR Type-R DC power interface card
PRVR(C) Type-RC DC power interface card
PRSF Type-F DC power interface card
PRAF Type-F AC power interface card
Enhanced GFGH 16-port GPON Enhanced Line Card
GFGL 16-port GPON Line card Type-L
Enhanced GFTH 16-port XGS-PON Enhanced Line Card
GFTL 16-port XGS-PON Line card Type-L
GFXL 16-port XG-PON Line card Type-L
Enhanced GFCH 16-port XGS-PON & GPON Combo Enhanced Line Card
GFCL 16-port XGS-PON & GPON Combo Line card Type-L
Enhanced GFBH 16-port XG-PON & GPON Combo Enhanced Line Card
GFBL 16-port XG-PON & GPON Combo Line card Type-L
Enhanced HFTH 16-port Any-PON Enhanced Line Card
HFTL 16-port Any-PON Line Card Type L
Enhanced XFTO 8-port 10GE Enhanced Optical Interface Card
XFEO 8-port 10GE Optical Interface Card Type E
Enhanced XFTH 16-port 10GE Enhanced Optical Interface Card
XFEH 16-port 10GE Optical Interface Card Type E
XFWD 2-port 100GE Ethernet optical interface card
XFPH 16-port P2P Ethernet optical subscriber card
Enhanced XFQH 16-port P2P Ethernet optical subscriber card
PFEK 48-port P2P Ethernet optical subscriber card


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