Introducing the Smart OLT ZTE C300:

Zte Zxa10 C300 ultimate solution for next-generation network infrastructure, combining intelligence, flexibility, and efficiency to meet modern telecommunications demands.

Revolutionizing Network Management:

Empowering operators with intelligent features for optimized performance and enhanced user experience. Advanced algorithms and analytics dynamically manage resources and bandwidth.

Flexible Architecture:

Supports GPON, EPON, and 10G PON technologies for seamless integration into diverse network environments. Modular design enables easy expansion and scalability.

Built for Reliability:

Robust security features safeguard data and prevent unauthorized access. High availability and fault-tolerant mechanisms ensure uninterrupted service for critical applications.

Simplified Operations:

User-friendly management interface provides comprehensive monitoring and configuration tools, streamlining network maintenance and reducing operational costs.

Unlocking Connectivity’s Future:

Experience intelligent, flexible, and efficient telecommunications infrastructure with the Smart OLT ZTE C300. Choose the future of connectivity with unparalleled performance and reliability.

Product Description of Zte Zxa10 C300

ZXA10 C300 is a future-proof and high-capability optical access platform, which is a unified platform for GPON, EPON, 10G EPON, PTP, and the smooth migration of XG-PON1, NG-PON2 with a 300mm deep shelf.
ZXA10 C300, the world’s first future-proof and largest capacity optical access platform, has been developed with regard to mass optical access roll-out as well as economy. It provides HIS, VoIP, TDM, IPTV, mobile back haul and other services access.
2. GPON OLT or EPON OLT C300 Series
4. support HSI/VoIP/TDM/IPTV/CATV/2G/3G

Product Specification of Zte Zxa10 C300

Item Unit Spec.
Fiber Connector SC/APC
Data Rate bps Upstream: 1.25G , Downstream: 1.25G
Light Wavelength nm Upstream: 1310, Downstream: 1490
Ethernet Ports 10BASE-T/100BASE-T/1000BASE-T
RF Port Nominal output level 110dBuV( has RF output)
Max Optical Attenuation dB 27, 29
Standards In Compliance IEEE802.3ah
Max Split of PON Port Channel 32, 64
Supply Voltage Vac 135-270
Power Consumption W 7
Operating Temperature °C -65
Storage Temperature °C -110
Relative Humidity % Max 90 without condensation

System Architecture

Chassis Configuration (21″) Total 23 slots
16 slots for universal line cards
2 slots for switch & control cards
2 slots for power cards
2 slots for uplink and cascading interfaces
1 slot for environment detection card
Chassis Configuration (19″) Total 21 slots
14 slots for universal line cards
2 slots for switch& control cards
2 slots for power cards
2 slots for uplink and cascading interfaces
1 slot for environment detection card
Subscriber Card Density GPON card: 8 ports per card
EPON card: 8 ports per card
P2P card: 16 ports per card

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