Introducing the 8 Ports GPON Card GPBD, a powerful and efficient solution for elevating your network capabilities. This cutting-edge GPON card features 8 high-speed ports, offering seamless connectivity and exceptional performance for your data and voice communications. With advanced GPON technology, the GPBD card ensures lightning-fast internet speeds, enhanced video streaming, and reliable VoIP calls, empowering your network to handle increased data demands with ease. Its compact design optimizes space usage, making it ideal for both large-scale deployments and small-scale implementations. Experience smooth integration with your existing network infrastructure, enhancing overall productivity and user satisfaction. Upgrade your network to a new level of efficiency and reliability with the 8 Ports GPON Card GPBD and stay ahead in the rapidly evolving world of telecommunications.

Huawei GPBD Service Board Product Specification

Specifications H805GPBD H806GPBD H807GPBD H807GPBH
No. Of interface 8 8
Splitting ratio   (Class B+) 0.086111111 0.086111111
Splitting ratio   (Class C+ / Class C++) 0.130555556 0.130555556
D-CMTS × ×
Traffic shaping
Optical channel performance testing
RSS detection, optical module light control
Speed limit based on ONU granularity
CAR group
Temperature inquiry and high-temperature alarm
High-temperature automatic shutdown
The maximum optical path distance is poor (km) 20 40
The maximum number of traffic that each board supports (pc) 8184 8184
The number of MAC addresses supported by each board 32768 32768
DBA-based broadband based on single port (kbps) 1238784 1238784
The number of T-CONTs supported by each GPON port 1024 1024
Down FEC function
Up FEC function
Rogue ONT detection
The maximum number of ONTs per GPON port 128 128
The number of GEM ports supported by each board 8192 8192
The number of GEM ports supported by each GPON interface 3872 3872
The maximum number of business streams per GEM Port 8184 8184
HQoS (4 layers) ×
9K Jumbo frame H805GPBD:× H806GPBD :× H807GPBD: √
The GPON port supports the optical power budget CLASS B+: 28.5dB, Most Used
CLASS C+: 32dB, Long distance transmission
CLASS C+: 35dB
The minimum bandwidth of each T-CONT Minimum Broadband Delay Mode: 1Mbps
Maximum broadband usage pattern: 128kbps

Huawei GPBD Service Board Product Feature

  • Huawei 8-GPON Port Interface Card with C+ SFP module
  • Apply to Huawei MA5683T, MA5680T, MA5608T OLT system
  • Available at 4 versions: H802GPBD, H805GPBD, H806GPBD, H807GPBD
  • Support split ratio 1:128
  • Transmit Speed: 2.49Gbit/s, Receive Speed: 1.24Gbit/s
  • Interface Type: SC/PC
  • Max Transmit Distance: 20KM
  • Transmit Wavelength: 1490nm, Receive Wavelength: 1310nm
  • Standards Compliance: ITU-T G.984.1, ITU-T G.984.2, ITU-T G.984.3, ITU-T G.984.4
  • C+ SFP Module Optical Power: 3 dBm~7 dBm, Receiver Sensitivity: -32 dBm

Huawei Service Board and Related Board

GPBD 8GPON Port (SFP Optical Module:Class B+,C+,C++), Version 802/805/806/807
GPBH 8GPON Port (SFP Optical Module:Class B+,C+,C++),Version 806/807
EPBD 8EPON Port (SFP Optical Module:PX20+), Version 802/808/809
EPSD 8EPON Port (SFP Optical Module:PX20+),
GPFD 16GPON Port (SFP Optical Module:Class B+,C+,C++),
EPFD 16EPON Port (SFP Optical Module:PX20+),
XGBD 8*10G GPON Port (SFP Optical Module:XGPON N1/XGPON N2),
XEBD 8*10G EPON Port (SFP Optical Module:10GEPON PRX30/10GEPON PR30),
GPHF 16 GPON Port (SFP Optical Module:Class B+,C+,C++),
GPSF 16 GPON Port (SFP Optical Module:Class B+,C+,C++),
GPLF 16 GPON Port (SFP Optical Module:Class B+,C+,C++),
EPHF 16 EPON Port (SFP Optical Module:PX20+),
XEHD 8 10G EPON Port (SFP Optical Module:PX30  PRX30),
XELD 8 10G EPON Port (SFP Optical Module:PX30  PRX30),
XGHD 8 XG-PON Port (SFP Optical Module:XGPON N1),
XGLD 8 XG-PON Port (SFP Optical Module:XGPON N1),
XGLF 16 XG-PON  Port (SFP Optical Module:XGPON N1),
XGSF 16 XG-PON Port (SFP Optical Module:XGPON N1),


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