ZTE F673A V9 ONU 4GE+1Pots GPON dual band ONT Modem Optical Network Unit OEM ONT F673AV9

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  • Model Number:F673AV9
  • Type:ONU
  • Place of Origin:Guangdong, China
  • Brand Name:ZTE
  • Use:FTTH
  • Warranty Time:1 year
  • Network:Wired LAN, wifi
  • Supply Ability
    10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
  • Packaging Details

    Retail Carton

  • Lead time:Quantity(pieces)1 – 200201 – 1000>1000Lead time (days)1215To be negotiated
Product Description


ZTE ZXHN F673AV9 FTTH is ZTE ZXHN F673AV9 FTTH is GPON optical terminal with 4GE +1POT+ 2USB and Dual band Port.

Model Configuration Dimension/pcs
F673A v2 4GE 1POTS 2.4G/5.0 SUPPORT ENGLISH 240*200*58mm/0.50kgs



ZTE F673A V9 is a GPON Optical Network Terminal designed for HGU (Home Gateway Unit) used in FTTH scenario, which supports L3 function to help subscriber build intelligent home network.

ZTE GPON ONT series products are mainly used in the construction of FTTH (fiber-to-the-home) and FTTO (fiber-to-the-office) scenarios, giving operators with green environmental protection, high reliability, easy operation and maintenance, and meeting multiple application scenarios. Even gigabit bandwidth brings endless possibilities for users’ home network service.


Technical items Descriptions
Brand ZTE
Model F673V9
Fiber port 4GE+1POT+1USB+WIFI,SC single-mode, 
Wavelength Tx 1310nm, Rx 1490nm
Fiber interface SC/UPC
RX sensitivity <-27dBm (1490nm)
WLAN IEEE802.11b/g/n,2*2 MIMO, 2.4G/5G WIFI,external antenna(2dBi)
2.4GHz: 2 x 2 MIMO 802.11b/g/n ,5GHz: 2 x 2 MIMO 802.11a/n/ac
LAN 1*10/100/1000Mbps adaptive Ethernet ports, full/half duplex, RJ45 interface
L2 forwarding capability Forwarding packets of any length at wire speed
IPv4 L3 forwarding capability 2Gbit/s with any length packets in downstream direction
1Gbit/s with any length packets in upstream direction
IPv6 L3 forwarding capability 2Gbit/s with any length packets in downstream direction
1Gbit/s with any length packets in upstream direction
Configuration method NMS, Web, or TR069
Voice protocol SIP, H.248
DC power Adapter input: 100-240 V AC, 50 – 60 Hz ; 
Adapter output: 11 – 14 V DC, 1 A
Button Reset, power
Power ≤8W
Operation Working temperature: -0-+40℃ 
working humidity:5-95%(non-condensation)
Dimension 250*220*65mm(length*width*height)
Net weight ≤0.8Kg

ZTE ZXHN F673AV2 FTTH Product Feature

  • Ultra-wide: one deployment, continuous upgrade of network capacity
    Each PON port of the POL network has a bandwidth of up to 10G. When there is a higher bandwidth requirement, the optical fiber does not need to be replaced, only the equipment or optical modules at both ends need to be replaced, simplifying the upgrade steps and saving upgrade costs.
  • Simplified: energy saving and land saving, simple operation and maintenance
    The POL solution can reduce the computer room by about 80% and can achieve energy savings of up to 60%.
    The POL network has a simple hierarchy, which is convenient for maintenance and management, reduces failure points, and improves network reliability. Network operation and maintenance expenses can be reduced by more than 60%.
  • Convergence: One optical fiber carries all services
    A set of POL network can provide 1000M Ethernet port, POTS, CATV, Wi-Fi, RS232/485 serial port, PoE port, time synchronization interface, etc. There is no need to establish multiple sets of networks to carry multiple services.
  • Security: Provide multiple security protection mechanisms


ZTE ZXHN F673AV9 FTTH and More Models


F401  EPON ONT, 1 LAN English Firmware

F411  EPON ONT, 1 L AN+ 1*VOICE English Firmware SIP

F412  EPON ONT, 2 LAN+VOICE English Firmware SIPF

F420  EPON ONT, 4 LAN+ 2VOICE English Firmware SIP

F460  EPON ONT, 4 L AN+ 2VOICE+WIFI English Firmware SIP

F427  EPON ONT, 4 L AN+ 2VOICE +WlFI English Firmware SIPZTE GPON ONT


F601  GPON ONT, 1 LAN English Firmware

F612  GPON ONT, 2 L AN+VOICE English Firmware SIP

F600  GPON ONT, 4 L AN English Firmware

F620  GPON ONT, 4 L AN+2VOICE English Firmware SIP

F620G  GPON ONT, 4 GE+2VOICE English Firmware SIP

F660  GPON ONT, 4 L AN+ 2VOICE+WlFI+USB English Firmware SIP

F660  GPON ONT, 4 GE+2VOlCE+WlFI+USB English Firmware SIP

F660  GPON ONT, 1 GE+3FE+2VOlCE+WlFI+USB English Firmware SIP

F625  GPON ONT, 4 LAN+2VOICE+RF(CATV) English Firmware SIP

F668  GPON ONT, 4 L AN+2VOICE+RF(CATV) +WlFI English Firmware SIP

ZTE ZXHN F663NV3a FTTH 1GE+3FE LAN port + 2.4G WIFI English Firmware

ZTE ZXHN F663NV9 FTTH 2GE+2FE LAN port + 2.4G WIFI English Firmware

F670L GPON ONU 4GE+1tel +USB+WIFI dual band ac wifi 2.4G &5G


Product Applications

ZTE F673A V9 ONU 4GE+1Pots GPON dual band ONT Modem Optical Network Unit OEM ONT F673AV9





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