ZTE ZXA10 C300 Overview:

The ZTE ZXA10 C300 is a specialized uplink board designed for the ZTE C300 Optical Line Terminal (OLT). It features two 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GE) ports and two Gigabit Ethernet (GE) ports, offering high-speed connectivity for network up linking purposes.

Revolutionizing FTTX Deployments ZTE ZXA10 C300:

The ZTE C300 is a cutting-edge access platform tailored for FTTx (Fiber to the x) deployments, setting new standards in bandwidth delivery, versatile service provisioning, and robust security measures.

With its adaptable design and carrier-grade quality of service (QoS), the ZTE C300 caters to diverse deployment scenarios, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.


Category Model Features
Control and Switching Cards SCTM XGPON1 compatible, supports 16-port GPON cards, higher switching power, 4x 10GE uplink interfaces, 2x management interfaces
SCXN Supports 16-port GPON cards, 4x GE uplink interfaces, 2x management interfaces
SCXM 480 Gbps switching capacity, 32K MAC address table
SCXL No uplink interfaces, 2x management interfaces
GPON Cards GTXO 4/8 XGPON1 ports, split ratio up to 1:256
GTGO 8 GPON ports, split ratio up to 1:256
GTGH 16 GPON ports, split ratio up to 1:128
FTGK 48 P2P ports (WDM) or 24 GE ports (separated fibers for uplink/downlink)
Uplink Cards GUFQ 4x SFP (GE) interfaces
GUSQ 2x SFP (GE), 2x RJ45 (GE) interfaces
XUTQ 4x SFP (10GE) interfaces
HUTQ 4x SFP (2x10GE, 2xGE) interfaces
HUVQ 4x SFP interfaces with flexible configurations: 2x10GE/GE, 2xGE/FE

ZTE ZXA10 C300: Key Features


  • High Capacity and Density: Offers large capacity, high density, high performance, and flatness, catering to the demands of “large capacity and few offices” network deployment. Provides solutions for flat network architectures, high-density interface boards, and addresses scenarios with large splitting ratios and long-distance applications.
  • Seven-Mode Access: Supports GPON/EPON, 10G PON (XG-PON1/10G-EPON/XGS-PON), and NG-PON2 (TWDM-PON) access technologies, facilitating continuous network evolution. Allows on-demand deployment and flexible access to ensure seamless network expansion.
  • Network Convergence and Full-Service Carrying: Adapts to TDM and mobile backhaul bearers, offering complete VLAN/multicast/QoS service capabilities and excellent service performance. This feature aligns with evolving network requirements amidst optical advancements, copper withdrawal, and triple play services.

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